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The Omega Man, what a time warp!


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The May Co! Pay telephones! Mustangs (real ones!)!


Killer movie. Literally. Charlton Heston machine gunning the mutants. Didn't think I'd like it, but the ole' NRA guy makes it happen. Wish they'd shown more of Woodstock tho. Where does the electricity come from? Grand philosophic cheesy 70s pro/anti-establishment melodrama. Can't beat it. Anthony Zerbe, his one great moment. Hope the ending isn't a cop out.

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I hope you found the ending adequate. ;)


I like most of this movie very much. The style of storytelling with pertinent flashbacks and quickly establishing the rules under which he must live worked very well.


I believe I am not qualified to say whether it was pro-establishment or anti-establishment. I saw it mostly as a clash of establishments. I will have to check the firearms database to identify some of the weapons used.

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Omega Man is like an action film that reflects the time period it was made (late 60s/ early 70s America).


Last Man On Earth was depressing. Vincent Price crying like a baby and acting hopeless WHILE in Omega Man Heston is acting bad **** with guns and just fighting to survive.


Last Man on earth also reflects the time it was made (the cold war , missle crisis , jfk).


both films are different , but about the same thing. Both reflect the times they were made.

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You know, it's funny...sitting here reading this, it's occured to me that I've seen this flick at least a dozen times. and CAN'T REMEMBER HOW IT ENDS!!! So I can't comment on the "cop out" or "fizzle" thing.


But I'll think of stuff like that, too. Like the electricity thing. If nobody's left to man the power stations, how IS the electricity being generated? Unless Heston installed a generator powerfull enough to run a movie theater projector. But THEY run on gasoline too, just like the little Honda models people have in case of a blackout. And gasoline is stored by service stations underground, and require a pump that operates on ELECTRICITY to get it out of there. Unless Chuck takes the time to pull up glassfuls at a time from the storage tanks, as the opening to those tanks aren't big enough to drop a BUCKET down into!


What I liked about this movie were the mutants. Compared to the ones in Will Smith's "I Am Legend" remake, who are of course more sinister looking and super human in strength and speed. And who can NOT like the beautiful ROSALIND CASH?



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When it's a choice between listening to an eight-track tape playing

Theme From A Summer Place and the plague, well that's a tough

one. Campy, but amusing. And who expected Chuck to be watching

Country Joe? Overall, it's entertaining, though occasionally it looks like

a Star Trek episode with a bigger budget. C+.

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