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Creature with the Atom Brain


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I was lucky enough to catch this precursor to "NOTLD" wherein dead bodies are resurrected only to create havoc in a panicked community.


Handsome Richard Denning, a kind of more sensuous Robert Young type, is investigating some violent murders. He discovers that a man who has vowed vengeance on some local men, has recently engaged the services of a famed German scientist* to insert electrodes in deceased bodies to do his bidding and his bidding includes murder!


Sure, these corpses leave the operating room with a giant gash, suture line halfway up and laterally located on their foreheads, but since the movie is set in 1955, male hats abound to cover the scars so no one is the wiser.


Favorite parts for me included the film footage section of an electrode-injected puppy accompanied by the dialogue stating something like "Here we see a contented dog. Would you have guessed he has eighteen electrodes embedded in his skull?"


I also dug the part where formerly lovable but now deadly due to electrodes, Uncle Dave destroys Denning's daughter's Sweet Sue dolly, which looks like it was drawn, beheaded and quartered...yikes!


Gamma rays abound in this brilliant expose of how trusting the outer appearances of humans, can result in disaster. Sort of foreshadowing 1956's "IOTBS" and later atrocities like the Keating scandal or all stories featured on the tv show "Greed".


Another great Atomic Age film! Who else watched?


*No he was not Mengele but I bet he was a Nazi on vacation from Buenos Aires!

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You're right Holden, that kid doomed her dollie to death by not taking care of her and leaving her alone with Uncle Dave..


Probably because Penny was played by Linda Bennett who learned her diabolical ways from Joan Crawford, cuz I think the kid was in Queen Bee with her...

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