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BREAKING BAD on TV, anyone see this?


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I watched a couple of episodes of this, because of all the TV hype about this show, and also it is on our local New Mexico news a lot, because it is filmed here in our state, with the main studio being in Albuquerque.


It is popular here also because meth is popular here, and local meth dealers have been turning their meth blue by some means to match the blue meth in the TV series.


So folks, never say that crime on TV does not cause people to imitate crime in real life. :)


Ok, so this is apparently a "Sopranos" type of TV series, with the "hero" being a crime boss and a killer. Just right for todays adults, teenagers, and kids.


But don't worry, we old-timers are fully prepared for criminal attacks by these types of TV fans. :) (just a joke, folks).


Anyway, I found the two episodes I watched to be boring. People standing around, two or three at a time, looking at each other, then finally someone speaks, and then they look at each other again. It seems to be a 30 minute dialogue script being used for a 1-hour show.


The hero is a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer. Similar to real life here in this state. Lots of public officials here, teachers, state and city workers, wind up in prison for dope selling, bank robbing, gun running, etc. This is a certified Wild West State. Always has been, always will be.


So, has anyone else seen this show?


Weird stuff happens here:

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) ? A criminal investigator for the state attorney general who was suspected of robbing a bank was shot and killed by Albuquerque police when she pointed a gun at officers, a department spokesman said.


This lady robbed the bank, using her state-issued pistol and her state-issued auto.

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Hi Fred,


I watched the first two seasons and then trickled away from it. Chemistry teacher told he has incurable cancer so he goes all out to provide for his family. There was some black comedy that held my interest, kind of like the scene in Pulp Fiction when the scared kid pops through a door and empties his revolver at point blank range - not one shot hitting Travolta or Jackson. Jackson is convinced God intervened.


When the plot took on more than the two originals (Walter and Aaron, his former student) I gave up on it.


Otherwise, I was engaged from the git go.

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Thanks for the response.


Yes, it is "engaging", but not for me as a TV series, not for hours and hours. Maybe for a 1-1/2 hour movie it would be ok for me.


I think to night is the LAST EPISODE, and everyone wants to know what will happen to him. The production crew is keeping it a secret.


But I am watching REBECCA instead.


Funny thing.... tomorrow I will hear about what happens in tonight's episode, on the local Albuquerque news. They plan to report it. :)

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I watched the whole thing, (well in two hours in will have.) The point of the show is to watch a character go from being a normal upstanding citizen, to a evil criminal over the course of 61 episodes. Something you can't really see in a movie. I thought it was (is) amazing.

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Hi, thanks for your comments.


Personally, I don't want to see such a thing. To me, it would be like seeing how average people in the 1930s gradually turn into Nazis, with them and their families being the "heros" of the show. Killing them off in the last episode, at the end of 5 years of shows, doesn't help, from my point of view.


I guess I watched something like that in the first two Godfather movies, but that, to me, was a more realistic docu-drama look at the mafia, being centered around "families", which I think was the first presentation of that kind in a movie about the mafia.


Edited by: FredCDobbs on Sep 29, 2013 6:36 PM

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>Personally, I don't want to see such a thing. To me, it would be like seeing how average people in the 1930s gradually turn into Nazis, with them and their families being the "heros" of the show. Killing them off in the last episode, at the end of 5 years of shows, doesn't help, from my point of view.


Good comments, Fred. I completely agree. I'll take The Waltons any old day.

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I only watched scattered episodes after the first season but I just watched the series finale which was very intense and ended very appropriately with climactic emotional and physical violence. A horrifically interesting and most definite ending to watch if one has even limited knowledge of the story line. The complete moral degradation and degeneration of a once decent man who shattered his family and friends and many others along his twisted pathway to Hell.

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I've been on this board for awhile. Without being too presumptious I would say this isn't really a Breaking Bad kind of group. I started a thread on the new SNL season and got 5 responses, (all negative.) It was about what I expected


I saw it and I'm satisfied with the ending. All the loose ends seemed to be tied up, no Soprano style cliffhanger, (a show I did not watch that much of.) What did you think of it? I'm still trying to figure out a scene in the first part of season, (A bearded Walt walks out of a burned out house) fits in to the rest of the show?


I bet today there is a lot more interest in the music of Badfinger.

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I watched all five seasons of *Breaking Bad* and consider it one of the best dramatic series ever written. The acting was top-notch, the direction as well. It had a number of homages to westerns throughout its run.


And it's core story of how Mr. Chips becomes Scarface and the fall-out from all of that was riveting.


Bryan Cranston as Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin and Aaron Paul as his former student and then partner created a dynamic together and then we watched as that dynamic was torn apart by Walt's need for more respect and more money.


A great American drama.

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> I think to night is the LAST EPISODE, and everyone wants to know what will happen to him.




I was very happy with the way the finale turned out.




I was glad that Walt was able to get past his ego and take responsibility for what he had done and I was very happy that Jesse ultimately refused to go follow Walt's lead.


And a nod to *The Searchers* towards the end, staying true to the show's western roots to the end!

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When this series debuted I thought it was quirky and had a decent storyline about chemistry teacher Walter White deciding to make a few illegal dollars for his family by brewing meth since he was dying of cancer.

One of his former students - Jesse Pinkman - is a low life street hustling skell who shows White some street smarts about selling the product.

Walt's family includes a DEA brother in law who is on the trail.

The tension, bungling, duplicity and heart pounding near arrests made me, anyway, root for Walt and Jesse to not get caught.

Then Walt's compulsive drive to be the best meth producer kicks in and suddenly it's no prisoners. Shaky alliances are made, innocents (and more than a few guilty) people are murdered. Walt is a crime lord and murderer and I became ambivelent about my feelings for his success.

The plots and double crosses are epic, the betrayals are heartbreaking, the loss of family is soul killing.

The rich tapestry of seemingly innocent remarks and gestures are woven into things more sinister.

This was a show that forced you to pay attention to every innocuous detail because it may turn out to have enormous relevance down the story line.

I thought it brilliant and the long format allowed a much more intimate and leasurely look at the transformation of Walt and the destruction of a middle American family.

If it's on Netflix or available at a local library you owe it to yourself to form your own opinion about this one.

Apologize if I went on too long, but this is a fine series.

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This show ended the only it could have and still hold on to its integrity. It blows apart the idea of "victimless crime". Everybody around Walter White pays a price for his choices. He starts out being just a little dealer but as he confessed to his wife he realized he was good at it and enjoyed the power his rise up the ladder brought him. In the end it was family be dammed he did it for himself. He loses that family, most of his money, his few friends and lastly his life. His wife and children are reduced to awful surroundings, government scrutiny and ridicule. His last act on Earth, saving Jesse from death by one of his one contraptions does not negate what his decision has brought on.


Like *Traffic,* this takes us into the real world of drug trafficking. I hope it makes those who use them pause and look at what they are supporting.

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Ann Coulter's weekly letter is devoted to this TV series. Great



Jake, I just found it. Thanks a lot! She said everything I've been thinking only better and with more "Good Book" parallels. We all know what the wages of sin are and Walter and a lot of other characters found out the hard way. Maybe Sunday wasn't such a bad night for it to be on after all.


I started watching because I'm such a fan of Jonathan Banks who was robbed of an Emmy again this year. I wondered if it was something I should really be watching; thanks to Ann for laying out the other side.

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