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Classic Movies You STILL Haven't Seen


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It's tough to sit down and get excited for a movie that's outside your usual genre. I've never seen many classic westerns and war films only because it's not what I'll reach for first. (I'll always pick a musical or pre-code)


A theater setting is great for that, I saw THE SEVEN SAMURAI in the theater and it was great. I could never watch it home alone.


I've been getting classics from the library and finally saw DAISY KENYON-wow.

Some on the list are:





Just dedicate some time for CITIZEN KANE. It IS a fantastic film and really just a great story of a man's life, his loves, his mistakes. I think most people can identify with it. The "effects" and the way it looks is secondary to the story, but gorgeous storytelling.

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Tiki- I think you meant the part of your post about Citizen Kane for mr. roberts. I've seen CK dozens of times, I own the film :)


I have always found the library a fantastic source for borrowing films that we can't seem to view on TV. That's how I first got to see *Sudden Fear* . See if your library has it. It's a really nifty noir with Crawford, Palance and Gloria Grahame. Another teriffic one I took out years ago was *The Furies* . A really good western starring Stanwyck and Walter Huston.

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Trying to list just any classic movie I haven't seen would probably be nearly infinite. I'll limit myself at least for this post to Best Picture winners I haven't seen:


The Life of Emile Zola

Gentleman's Agreement

The Greatest Show on Earth

Ben-Hur (I've seen bits and pieces but never the whole thing in one sitting)

Tom Jones

The Last Emperor


And there are several post-1990 I haven't seen (never saw The Hurt Locker or The English Patient, for example), but I guess we're starting to get into pretty modern times.

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finance, I've mentioned about 1/2 dozen times that I took it out of the library. Go to your local library and see if they have it. Libraries also have a catalog of videos and dvd's that can be ordered. It's FREE, so go and do it since you've mentioned you want to see *Sudden Fear* a few times on the bds. It's worth it, good noir

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I'll bet I could, if I think on it, come up with a longer list of "classic" movies I haven't seen, or seen all of, than anybody here. Probably because maybe the title didn't draw my interest, or time constraints and/or opportunity.


A scant few are:



SCARFACE( Paul Muni, I saw only a few minutes here and there)

WINGS( again, only snatches)





And, like I said, these are only the tip of the iceberg.



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Of ones previously mentioned I still haven't seen THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA, TOM JONES, INTOLERANCE or the original SCARFACE either.


There is a long list that I can't remember, but I haven't seen PSYCHO, RASHOMON, THE GUNS OF NAVARONNE or PLANET OF THE APES.


There are any number of foreign or silent films I still need to see, but I hae trouble finding a time when others in my house want to see them.


Haven't seen BIRTH OF A NATION and I never will. :)


Of those I haven't seen that I will be seeing this week are HOW TO STEAL A MILLION and the DAVID COPPERFIELD with WC Fields.


Ones I just saw for the first time in the last week or 2 include MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (orig), WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, and SPARTACUS -- loved all three.


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Oct 4, 2013 2:47 PM

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Well one classic movie I need to see again is Friendly Persuasion.


I saw it a long time ago but I clearly forgot how good it was based on the opinions of others here who I respect.


So I added this movie to my list of 'must check this out again'! (and I'm not cracking wise!).

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Isn't it funny? When you speak among other classic film fans, you realize just how vast the sheer number of films made. It's great there is always more to discover...


On a Fritz Lang kick and saw WOMAN IN THE WINDOW last night for the first time-wonderful! I kept marveling over that ultra sexy woman also played the refined mother in FATHER OF THE BRIDE.


SUDDEN FEAR is the next logical choice-thanks for the mention.


sewhite: The Greatest Show on Earth

You gotta like schlocky musicals (I do) This movie is corny, but that goes along with the subject.



Just awful despite the stellar leads. Worst picture made by each of them. See WINGS instead.


LonesomePolecat-you've never seen PSYCHO? Get it. Today. It's almost impossible to dislike.

(One of my favorite costumes for Halloween is Baby Jane Hudson. I wear a blonde wig with bows, her funny make up and carry a giant 18" rubber rat in a small picnic basket!)

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Still waiting for TCM to show *His Glorious Night* starring John Gilbert and the part-talkie *The Barker* starring Betty Compson, Dorothy Mackaill, and Milton Sills.

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You're welcome Tiki-Soo, hope you enjoy *Sudden Fear*. Not sure why that would be the next logical choice after WITW , although *Sudden Fear* is a great noir. Crawford gives a great performance and deserved the Oscar nomination. Jack Palance is very good and Gloria is just wonderful Don't know if you've seen *Scarlet Street* or not, but you probably should since you enjoyed *Women In The Window* and are in a Fritz Lang mood :)

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