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Stranded on a desert isle...


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If you were stranded on a desert isle and could have any 5 movies to sustain you until you're rescued, what would they be? (Of course this assuming that a case of dvds washes up onto the beach and that you invent or find a solar-powered dvd player, possibly made out of cocoanut shells and bamboo).


My 5 would (possibly) be:


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Lion in Winter


Raising Arizona

Some Like It Hot

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I am sorry to say that I can provide no better answer.


My tastes change considerably over time and there are non-documentary movies which I once loved dearly which I do not bother to watch now when they air. There are movies which were my favorites for many years which fell away from my life and which came back to being my favorites because a certain person came back into my life.


I do like watching documentaries at times despite many repetitions and so ones which could apply to my situation would be most welcome.


My answers might be very different if one were to postulate being on a dessert island so that one could snack with ease during the movie. :)

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_Hi, Tracey_ -- I would need to take five films that feature sensuality and my favorite actresses. So I'd go with:


*Rear Window* (Grace)

*Mogambo* (Grace & Ava)

*Scarlet Street* (Joan)

*Fallen Angel* (Linda)

*Human Desire* (Gloria)


The next five would be:


*To Catch a Thief* (Grace)

*Vertigo* (Kim)

*The Woman on the Beach* (Joan)

*The 39 Steps* (Madeleine)

*Spellbound* (Ingrid)


Basically, I'd take Hitch films.

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I wouldn't necessarily pick my five favorite movies here, I'll want to pick movies that are somewhat upbeat since I'll probably be sad and depressed about being stuck on an island.I'll also want to pick things that are very rewatchable.


My five desert island movies-


1.2001-A Space Odyssey (my favorite movie and one I can watch again and again and find something new)


2.The Graduate (one of the funniest and most all around entertaining movies ever made)


3.The Apartment (an obvious funny and feel good pick)


4.Gone With the Wind (It never gets old, and it's so long that it'll be a great time killer)


5.Roman Holiday (probably the movie that has the most positive effect on my mood)

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If I were stranded on a desert isle with any movie, it would have to be silent. Then I could make up as many scenarios as I'd like. Greed could become jealousy; Metropolis could have me fighting against nature; The Wind could have me fighting paranoia. And I could always pretend I was an Orphan in the Storm, (or any Lillian Gish silent). Garbo too, but Valentino would have to stay at home if I were alone!


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