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these boards never work properly


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yeah, a work in progress describes the current state of the boards.


and. "Leave Page....Stay on Page" sometimes works, and sometimes it takes my message and hides it in the netherworld of lost messages. i think i found a method to counter the evil gremlin who hides my messages in the nether. i'll see if my method works all the time because it will be some (a long?) time till "leave page..." is fixed.


i just hope TCM knows about this glitch and is working to fix it.

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When the website don't respond after hitting , I wait 30 seconds and open a second tab and see if my reply has been posted. 99% of the time it has been even though I am stuck on page.


If it has *not* been posted, then I copy everything I typed into the Clipboard, quit the current tab and restart back to the forum. I only need to *Paste* what I typed and .


Prevents duplicate post..


Hitting the several time will make duplicate posts.

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My patience with my dial up provider ran out when the tech support said to me after complaining about the bad service for over a year If you said that to me in person, I would had punched you in the face!

I only said I was not sending any more payments.


I now have 15 MBPS broadband at only $30.00 a month.


How would you handled that or should I guess? black_eye.gif

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Funny you should ask.


Ran into a similar situation with some pencil neck about a credit card payment that which the company cashed the CHECK, but didn't properly post it in my records. They had me down as a non-payment that month. The pencil neck insisted I was lying because THEIR COMPUTER showed I didn't pay!


After arguing for a spell, I asked to speak to his Uncle.


"What's my UNCLE got to do with this?" he asked.


I answered, "Well, he's your BOSS, isn't he? Who ELSE would hire your DUMB AZZ!"


He angrily patched me over to his supervisor, and the matter was straightened out in less than a minute. The supervisor asked me what I said to upset the pencil neck so much, and when I told him, he laughed and said I wasn't far off the mark.



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About 99.9% of the time, your 1st message will have been successful even if you can't

view it right away. If you're stuck waiting after Post Message, click your page's back-arrow and select the thread again. Sometimes it takes 15-20 seconds to appear. Refreshing or reloading the screen may enable you to view it sooner, but there's only a few seconds difference.

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You know what? In these times, I also expect instant responses - from my electronic devices anyway. I am continually frustrated at whatever slows down my browsing. Google's response time for checking 42,000,000 results will be *.27* seconds but the page will take 30 seconds to load! Get out of my way! :P

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My work with the older XT class computers (7.5 MHZ) gives new meaning to the word SLOW!. I had to wait 2-3 min for certain Windows 3.0 programs to open. Imagine hours for a 420 X 640 resolution (very low res) image to print out on a dot matrix printer.


I have a Tandy Color Computer and one of the programs I typed in was to rotate any primitive wire frame graphic any way you want. I had to type in some X,Y,Z angles for simple line drawing of the Space Shuttle in order to rotate it just 20 degrees.


It took 45 minutes for the computer to do the computations.


How would your sanity faired under those conditions? LOL!


I'm only referring to stuff like this. Yep 45-50 min for that little sphere! :(



Edited by: hamradio on Oct 4, 2013 8:30 PM

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In my first experience with computers in an office we were required to send all messages to other departments solely by computer.


It was typical for me to type a memo and give it to the computer typist to put into the system and then if the message was important I would take the typed memo back and deliver it by hand because it could take the better part of a day for the message to arrive electronically. This was because the computer in our office could connect only four times each hour to our department's computer. That computer had to parse the recipient and wait until it was connected to the computer in the receiving department. That department's computer would then parse which office and wait until it was connected to that office's computer. Most computers could connect only a few times each hour and then for only a specified amount of time because of the load which they put on the telephone system which was inadequate before the introduction of computers.


My finance had to take computer classes at a local college as part of his job. One of the classes was flowcharting and he hated doing them by hand so he wrote a program on his personal computer to create them. It was a Z80A computer and a daisy wheel printer using the period as a dot for graphics. He tells that he often entered the required information just before going to bed and the printer was often finishing when he awoke. He talks of it because it was decades ago but he carries a grudge still that he could not receive a grade higher than a 'B' on the work because one of the requirements was that they be done in pencil and so the instructor took off points because his were in ink.

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I don't even know what LEAVE PAGE is...


I guess I just actually leave the page literally and hence have no such problem.


Was told recently that I kept answering myself and had to use a box to the right which looks like a flower.


Who knew!


Unfortunately for all here, my posts always show up...

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SansFin wrote:

<< It was a Z80A computer and a daisy wheel printer using the period as a dot for graphics. >>


Goodness I use that CPU left and right. I like to say thanks for the memories but it hasn't become history yet. (for me) LOL! :):)


I built 3 computer boards that used the Zilog Z80 -- Packket 232 TNC, Heath ID-5001 Weather Computer and an SK-203 printer buffer. Z80's are mostly used for number crunching. (I think the MFJ controller uses it as well) The Z-80 based computers I know of back in the 80's used a CP-M Operating system.


Packkit 232 TNC



Zilog Z-80


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He has said that his had two disk drives in a separate cabinet and he had RAM cartridges for additional storage.


He made an amazing discovery concerning capacitance of vapors while using computers. Computer boards plug into each other and there is at all times an air gap. Normal operation relies on the presence of the capacitance of normal air. He discovered that the vapor of certain hydrocarbons must have a different capacitance because his computers did not function normally when exposed to the alcohol fumes present after he had spent the evening in a tavern.

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