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Crime and Punishment (1935) Sat/Sun

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*Crime and Punishment (1935)* Sat/Sun Oct 12/13th


12:30 Early AM Eastern Time Sat/Sun


A great classic. Why is this being shown in the middle of the night?


A young student murders for money then tries to escape his guilt and a brilliant detective.


Dir: Josef von Sternberg Cast: Peter Lorre , Edward Arnold , Marian Marsh .


BW-88 mins, TV-14, CC,

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I recorded it last May when it aired at 915am on a Saturday morning.


Look at it this way - you posted this at 2am Eastern Time Fri/Sat, so you can obviously manage to stay awake until the wee hours. On the west coast, tomorrow's airing is at 930pm.


Be happy, there have been times and there will be another in December when this film aired at 3-4am Eastern time.

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Don't get your hopes too high. I couldn't have imagined a movie with Edward Arnold and Peter Lorre sinking like a lead balloon, but somehow this one did. I'll watch it again because of my regard for the actors, but I'm not expecting much of a bump upward.

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I, too, feel it's not much of a film, but I do enjoy the play between Peter Lorre and Edward Arnold. This could have easily been remolded into a nice thriller - and may yet be, someday.

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The reason I enjoy watching this film is because of Edward Arnold & Peter Lorre, Actors I love very much from the Classic Cinema era.


But the Films I prefer, and watch more often are the 1969 (Prestupleniye I Nakazaniye) by Lev Kulidzhanov with Georgi Taratorkin & Innokenty Smoktunovsky.


The Mexican Film from 1951 (Crimen Y Castigo) by Fernando Fuentes with Roberto Ca?edo and Carlos L?pez Moctezuma.


These are the versions I prefer, but, glad there are various filmed options to choose from.

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*Crime and Punishment (1935)* Sat/Sun Oct 12/13th




12:30 Early AM Eastern Time Sat/Sun



Hi Swithin,


CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Josef von Sternberg has some wonderful stuff in it, and with the creative lighting and shadows, it is somewhat of a 1935 pre-noir.


I think some meaner cop might have been a better choice than Edward Arnold. I think someone like Lionel Atwill or Erich von Stroheim as the cop would have made the film perfect. But as it is, it is a very good moody mid-1930s European-type story and film, with some very von Sternberg moments and good performances by Marian Marsh and Peter Lorre.


In case anyone misses it tonight on TCM.....





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I certainly agree with you Fred, but the one who comes to mind is Basil Rathbone. In Anna Karenina, he literally sucked out the life out of Greta Garbo's karakter,(as he is shouting to her) you can tell she is walking to her doom as she is banished from their home on the way out.


He could have repeated his performance brilliantly in this film.


Then again, almost any film by Josef Von Sternberg, is always welcome.

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>I wonder if anyone here has read the original novel?


I read it about 40 years ago, but it was heavy going so I don't recall much. Raskolnikov does confess at the end, and I actually thought that was where the novel ended. But I just checked, and there is a short epilogue, describing his trial and the aftermath. He got 8 years in prison.

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I saw the movie a few years back. Not that bad, has some

interesting visuals, and the basic plot is there, but there's

no way it could truly represent the depth or breadth of the

book. You just can't get a 500 page novel into an 88

minute movie. Our "hero" does wind up in Siberia where he

starts on his redemption with the help of Sonia and the

NT. Just by memory, it seems a lot of these Russian

fictional criminals got what today would be considered rather

light sentences. Whatever. Von Sternberg wasn't exactly

enthusiastic about the flick either.:


Von Sternberg, who was contractually obliged to make the film,

disliked it, later writing that it was "no more related to the true text

of the novel than the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower is related

to the Russian environment."

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