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what is the name of this movie?


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TCM showed the movie this past June. I believe it was mid to late June.


The theme of the movie was the opposite of Meet John Doe... In MJD everyone comes together in solidarity and unity and makes societal dissonance and differences meaningless. Everyone treats others like they'd want to be treated... cliche yes... lol


In this movie from June, it was the opposite, all the political parties, media and special interest groups are intentionally agitating and instigating up every form of controversy possible to keep everyone at odds and tensions perpetually elevated so that people won't 'stop and see reason'.


The general consensus or goals is to keep the general mass population frustrated and distrusting. Subsequently, if everyone is always upset and disorderly and angry, then nothing will get done and chaos will continually reign, until the 'weaker' groups concede and throw in the towel.


It was a very well written movie and quite accurate for the times then and now.. I can't remember which actors were in it though and that's what's keeping me from searching it out online myself errr! lol


Any help you can give will be wonderful! I'd love to have the movie and or request that TCM replay it. It was full of interesting thought and educational as movies go.


Thank you!

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> quite accurate for the times then and now


I haven't seen that movie, but your assessment is on the money. The best way to keep the eyes off of what you're up to is to distract and unite the people against something ELSE. Usually something unimportant. This has been done several times in the last 20 years or so. I belive it's being done now...



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