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Dracula spoof title sought

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The Dracula comedy started with a film company moving in to Dracula's castle, which was too much for the vampire, so he decided to retire to his coffin and send himself to a foreign country. On the ship, sailors decided to give the coffin a sea burial, and dumped it in the ocean, much to the consternation of Dracula. He managed to drag himself onto land in a hospital complex, and was astonished to see a sign pointing the way to a blood bank, so he followed the signs, only to find a large fridge with blood vials. He took one out with delight, stared at it, and was accosted by a nurse, which caused him to drop it. The nurse said sternly "That could have saved a life", to which he responded "Are you telling me?"

The film continued in this manner.

What was the title of this film??? I would love to see it again, but without the title, or even the actors, I cannot find it. I probably saw it in the 70s or 80s. Can anyone help?

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Thanks for the suggestions, but no, neither seems to be the film I am looking for. The first has Dracula being forced to move out because the castle has been sold for back taxes. As I recall, the film company moved in because the castle appeared to be uninhabited. The second is definitely too late, since it is from 1995, and I am quite sure I saw it in the 70s or 80.

Any other ideas?

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I believe the film you're looking for is from 1976 and it exists in two versions. The one you probably saw is the American re-edit entitled Dracula and Son. The original is in French and is titled Dracula Pere et Fils. The French version is generally held to be the superior of the two, but since I haven't seen it, I can't comment on that. The film stars Christopher Lee and has sequences which seem to match what you have described

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