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Raising Arizona---A very good film


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Just watched "Raising Arizona" from 1987 by the Coen Brothers. Shown on PBS tonight. A crazy funny movie in the great tradition of the infamous Coen Brothers who certainly don't make mainstream products. Love the biker from Hell. Everybody is a cliche in the flic but they are well done. This movie is a classic to me.

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A very unusual film when it came out, one of their first films and it set a high standard that the Coen brothers have been able to maintain through the years. I can watch this film over and over (something I can't say for most films) and keep finding new things to appreciate. The character Nathan Arizona (Trey Wilson) was particularly funny, sad, he died a young man. I love the big chase scene after Cage goes into the convenience store to get Huggies and then holds up the place. (Cop car races up and cop sitting on the door falls out of the car when it stops, puts me on the floor) :D

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I liked Wilson's line in the movie that due to not seeing it for a long time might be misstated...


Went something like, "Can somebody tell me WHY all these FBI agents are in the ONE PLACE we KNOW by God my child ISN'T?"


A clarification on the exact quote would be greatly appreciated.


This is one movie that could go on my list of "movies I didn't think I'd like, but wound up LOVING".



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Oh, my! I remember when this movie came out. I went to see it and came home to tell my wife about it ("I do love that woman so."). After thirty minutes of trying to tell her what had happened, I told her that now we are at the opening credits. Oh, heck, I said, let's just go see the thing tomorrow. We did -- and we both have loved it ever since.


It always struck me that the characters' language and vocabulary came from an institutionalized environment -- well, as close as the Coen Bros could get to it, I suppose. But I always found it hilarious, though many friends have told me that it grates on them.


Simply one precious line after another. "There was a spherical object arresting in the highway, and it wasn't part of the car."


"The government do take a bite, don't she?" (A favorite of my son's, now that he has started getting paychecks)


Oh, well. Fill in your own!



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