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Trygon Factor 1967


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TCM needs to show this movie. Its great but not only great it has a message in that appearances are not only misleading but are deliberately used to deceive the masses. But it has much more to say.

here is a tidbit: (I have the movie from a vhs) it has never been on tv.


The Trygon Factor ? 1967 | 88 mins | Thriller | Colour



The Trygon Factor


Blackly comic crime farce of fake nuns committing a series of robberies; adapted from the Edgar Wallace novel Kate Plus Ten. Messily directed by Cyril Frankel

Stewart Granger returned to his native Britain to make this picture, and is joined by a support cast of British stalwarts including Robert Morley and James Robertson-Justice.


Senior Scotland Yard superintendent, Cooper-Smith (Stewart Granger), is called out to a convent situated on the grounds of Emberday Hall to investigate a rash of unsolved robberies. Behind the cloak of respectability; a member of an old English family has turned to crime to save her palatial family estate from ruin.


Livia Embarday (Cathleen Nesbitt) and daughter Trudy (Susan Hampshire), a photographer, have set up a phoney convent for the Sisters of Vigilance, as a front for a stolen-goods and heist operation. Meanwhile the ?nuns? decide to expand their operation and bring in Emil Clossen (Eddi Arent), a talented European safecracker. The gang rob a large amount of gold bars from a London bank, murder a number of their cohorts, and intend to melt down the stolen bullion so that exporter Hubert Hamlyn (Robert Morley) can smuggle it out of the country. The infighting continues as Clossen is drowned in a coffin, Hamlyn gets cold feet and is strangled to death; Trudy is killed when hit by a molten gold, and her brother Luke (James Culliford) is shot in the back.

Production Team


Cyril Frankel: Director

Roy Stannard: Art Direction

Harry Waxman: Cinematography

Dulcie Midwinter: Costume and Wardrobe Departmen

Charles Guerin: Costume and Wardrobe Departmen

Oswald Hafenrichter: Film Editing

Aldo Manganaro: Makeup Department

Peter Thomas: Original Music

Brian Taylor: Producer

Horst Wendlandt: Producer

Stanley Munro: Script

Derry Quinn: Script

David Bowen: Sound Department

Pat Holmes: Sound Department



Stewart Granger: Supt Cooper-Smith

Susan Hampshire: Trudy Emberday

Robert Morley: Hubert Hamlyn

Cathleen Nesbitt: Livia Embarday

Brigitte Horney: Sister General

Sophie Hardy: Sophie

James Robertson Justice: Sir John

Eddi Arent: Emil Clossen

Diane Clare: Sister Claire

James Culliford: Luke Embarday

Allan Cuthbertson: Det Thompson




Its a complicated movie that is easy to follow. They pack 5 movies into 83 min. by clever script construction. Stewart Granger was never better. Usually he is a phony playboy sort. Here he has a role.

This is a UK/Ger co-production. The part of Sir John was changed in the German version into a german actor. But its an english language movie. Best part for Robert Morley I have seen. He is usually just a comedy bit. Here he is a real person. Its a perfect TCM Underground flick.

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