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The Vampire Bat 1933 / Vampyr 1931


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TCM has shown cut versions which they know to be cut versions. Vampire Bat involves a man controlling a mind thru telepathic means so the person will commit horrible crimes. TCM print is missing one scene and the beginning of another scene.


Vampyr has been restored but is not complete as Dreyer made it. When the woman vampyr is staked, the hero Julian West hammers the stake thru the person, coffin and into the earth, thereby pinning the soul to the ground. The hammering is missing and two scenes of the doctor suffocating from flour dust.


These movies are old and White Zombie is also missing several scenes and bits of scenes.


TCM needs to pay Money and have these movies complete. There is also music on Vampire Bat. But the american version is largely without music. TCM needs to pay MONEY and have the music transferred onto an american print! YES TCM get to work!

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TCM got taken. They showed a Hypercube version of VAMPIRE BAT which had footage from other movies inserted into it. TCM did notice it and changed versions. But I will explain what is missing from the New TCM version of VAMPIRE BAT (Peter Rodgers Organization tv distribution)


1.There is an old gossippy woman who is constantly looking up illnesses in the doctors book. Its comedy... After establishing this woman, she mixes a concoction which is a pile of foam and drinking it looks like foaming at the mouth. Then later on she gets to talking and begins to get the runs. She takes off up the stairs like an olympic athlete to get to the john. Turns out the mixture was epsom salts. The scene of the foaming concoction is missing.


2. Emil the Mad Doctors assistant, is the person whose mind is under the control of Lionel Atwill. When the mad doctor needs blood for his experiment, he sends Emil to bring the body back / remove the blood /then bring the body to where it is discovered. It is all blamed on vampires and a village idiot. Emil being controlled remotely by telepathy is sent on a mission to kill Melvin Douglas. As Melvin is getting ready for bed, Emil is creeping along the roof dressed in black. He looks like a human bat. Meanwhile the mad doctor is giving him verbal commands. The scene of Emil creeping as a bat is missing. So you see the mad doctor blabbing but no Emil creeping.


The plot unravels when the village idiot dies before a psycho killing occurs thereby proving he was innocent..


If a man could be controlled remotely in 1933 by mind power, surely today all the so called psycho school etc. shooters can be controlled by implants. and by electronic means like the lady who had a daughter in the car. she had to be bumped because she knew too much about the electronic mind kontrol. She made a courageous attempt to escape but police were told not to leave a live witness.

Vampire Bat is a great movie. it talks alot but the talk is beautifully done. .

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