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Halloween Time Trivia


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Ya got that right Twinkeee, and thanks for playing...


I used to wait for this movie to be played on the 4:30 pm afternoon movie every Halloween time. Gawd bless the person who gave us vcr's. At New Year's I would wait for The Horn Blows at Midnight. Funny how our kids have no idea what it is like not to have a movie at your fingertips and just 3 or 4 tv channels.


Anyway, your eerily next Twinkeee.....

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Thanks. I seemed to recall that Bogie never wanted to talk about that film.

Now, two actors who worked in this genre each appeared in movies with their name in the title. They did not work together in these movies. Can you name both actors and both movies? Chances are that you can think of one of them, but please hold off answering until you think you have them both. Otherwise, one person will get one and someone else will get the other and I won't know whose turn is next. So please, as Frank Sinatra sang, give me "All Or Nothing At All".

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Very good, Twinks. I've seen the one with Boris Karloff. He actually didn't play the killer that the boys were looking for, but he supposedly had killed someone previously, so the title is a bit misleading. I haven't seen the Bela Lugosi movie, but I would like to. Wikipedia says that it featured the comedy team of Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo doing their best imitation of Martin and Lewis. Apparently, Petrillo looked a bit like Jerry Lewis. A series of movies with them was being planned, but Jerry Lewis threatened them with legal action, and they made no more movies together. The budget for the movie was $50,000. These days that wouldn't cover the cost of publicity.




Here are Mitchell and Petrillo.



Now, Twinkeee, I've noticed that you've been answering a lot of trivia questions lately, but you never seem to ask any. If you want to play with the big kids, it's about time to get your feet wet in the asking side of these threads. It's your turn, so how about a good question?

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Thanks, would LOVE to have been able to see the original, it's very sad that the original London After Midnight is lost.





In the remake of this horror film, the lead is an alcoholic. In the original film he was a drug addict but that had to be changed due to the production code at the time. Name both the original and the remake and the stars ????

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