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If you could recast Gone With The Wind?


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Patsy Kelly as Melanie, Milton Berle in drag as Scarlett, Marlene Dietrich in drag as Ashley, and Red Skelton as Rhett. And of course, we could not proceed without Al Jolson in blackface as Mammy.


Oh, and somewhere in there, we would need a scene with the Three Stooges playing carpetbaggers.

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I have to admit I wasn't sure which "Ross" this was until I googled his name, but as soon as I saw his picture I recognized him as the flamboyantly gay kid Jay Leno made a household name a while back on the "Tonight Show".


(...his voice is more feminine than any woman you'll ever hear)

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Yes he lost a ton of weight on Jenny Craig,did 1 commercial and it looks like he's gained it all back, and no more commercials. He does the Red Carpet shows before all the award shows with Joan and Melissa Rivers. That is the extent of my pop culture knowledge LOL and more than anyone wants or needs to know about Ross.

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I would borrow the cast from a better 1939 movie:


Scarlett: Merle Oberon

Rhett: Laurence Olivier

Melanie: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Ashley: David Niven

Mammy: Flora Robson

Prissy: Leo G. Carroll

Gerald O'Hara: Cecil Kellaway

Dr. Meade: Donald Crisp

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I don't think that cast would have improved the film which I rate as 3 out of 5 stars. The problem is that the movie is based on a book that is centered on a character I'm not interested in and that I dislike.


While Merle Oberon is in my top 5 as best looking actresses I don't think she would of given as spirited a performance as Leigh.

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To paraphrase Dr. Seuss (by way of Ted Cruz)


I would not shut it down......ooops.....


I wouldn't change it, If I can

I wouldn't change it, Sam I am


I wouldn't change not one person

I wouldn't change one, not a one

Not Mel, not Ash, not Rhett Butler

Mammy, Prissy, Scarlett, not her


I Wouldnt change parts big or small

I wouldn't change it, not at all

I wouldn't change it now or then

I wouldn't change it anywhen


I wouldn't change it if I could

I wouldn't change it, no one should

Why suggest this, don't understand

Why would you change it, Sam I am?


Edited by: Arturo on Oct 23, 2013 10:04 PM

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> Marlene Dietrich in drag


Isn't that an OXYMORON?


Anyway, I imagine you're referring to others over the years while in their prime?


SAM ELIOT as Rhett


And yes, I've always liked the idea of PAULETTE GODDARD as Scarlett







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