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> taped this and wow I am a fool lol it was soooo boring and pointless.


Very much so. Like who cares if George Segal ignores Elizabeth Ashley? And that BS between Simone Signoret and Oskar Werner but there is some enjoyable stuff too. 1. Vivien Leigh insulting Lee Marvin with some crack about lynching negroes. 2. Lee Marvin calling Michael Dunn (the film's narrator) a sawed-off intellectual. 3. The flamenco dancer labeling Marvin a cheapskate. 4. Her misdirecting him to Vivien Leigh's cabin with hilarious results. She beats Marvin to within an inch of his life with her pocketbook. LOL!

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Can't we concentrate on the topic at hand?


These childish political statements should not belong here.


About the film, I actually like it, usually I pop the dvd once in a while on a cold or rainy night and just immerse myself in the dramatic situations of the crew.

The midget seems to be the only stable one of the whole lot.


Edited by: josephherndz on Oct 23, 2013 5:09 PM

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What I find even worst is the claim that it was just a joke.


i.e. that one doesn't really know that they are insulting people that don't agree with the political POV of their so called 'joke'.


Maybe someone else belongs on that ship!


Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Oct 23, 2013 8:08 PM

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I like it too. Great cast, yes, it's sort of Grand Hotel on a ship, but it's well done. I think Simone Signoret gave a brilliant performance, and I particularly love the credits -- the way all the names become a ship that sails away. It has also got a great score by Ernest Gold. I remember buying the soundtrack when I was kid.



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