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Happy 96th Birthday, Joan Fontaine!


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A year and a few months.


I couldnt find anything about the Globe online, but I did find this interview from a Carmel publication earlier this year. So if Joan is dying it is a recent development! It was an in person interview at her home too. I would kill for her rose garden....





Interesting there is no mention of the feud with Olivia and Joan does not discuss her (LOL).......


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Hi everyone! I'm the one who conducted this recent interview :) Thanks to whoever posted it! To the person who laughed about her short answers, I'll tell you about why she answered in so few words--when she got the questions, she said she could spend hours answering each one, but wanted to keep them short for the purposes of the blog. Truth be told, I'm not sure she knows what a blog is, LOL. She seems to think that it requires short answers. I don't really care, she answered ALL of my questions (even though I told her she didn't have to, she's 96 years old after all), and although they're short, they're complete. Thanks for reading!

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karalyeva, I am so grateful that you took the time and consideration to arrange this interview with Miss Fontaine and share it with the world on your lovely blog.


If there is anyone who doubts your sincerity or your ability to arrange such a fabulous interview, or questions the length or content, I challenge them to please share their blog interview that they conducted with Miss Fontaine.


I'd love to read that Q & A, too. :-)

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