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Murder mystery movie help


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I know there is little information here but- I watched a movie with my father while he was in the nursing home- he passed away a month ago. He was my movie trivia person. It was an old movie, of course, and the man wanted to leave his wife for another woman. He kills the wife and leaves her in the car in the woods. At the end the detective realizes it was this man who did it and tricks him into going back to the car and gets him. I don't even remember who the actors were but we both enjoyed the movie so much, I would love to see it again. Can you help?

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Wow you were able to answer your own question very quickly.


I guess Conflict before I read your second post. I think many other at this forum would of guessed correctly also since it is a Bogie movie.


PS; The actor that stole all of his scenes was Sydney GreenStreet, but he wasn't utilized enough.

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It's interesting that this movie was brought up. It was only yesterday, I think, that I requested that TCM show this. Great minds think alike....


The clue that tipped off detective Greenstreet was one that an alert viewer might have caught (I didn't). The movie plays fair with the audience.

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