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Gangsters Meet Boogieman!!! Who is grooving to THE WALKING DEAD (1936)??


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This is one of my favorite flix!!! Karloff meets up with Barton MacLane and Ricardo Cortez!! WB gangsters and tough mugs meet up with the supernatural and Karloff his own bad self! This flick is SO awesome and it rocks that it's on TV in prime time right after work after a long week!


Anyone else grooving?

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Classic film buffs are grooving more to these classics than the *BORING* "Dracula" on NBC. This thing is made for a gentlemans club - since when did Dracula tried to invent the wireless light bulb??


One has to be the Walking Dead to watch this thing on NBC. Zzzzzz.

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Hi Mark! I grooved to The Walking Dead (non AMC version)! I remember this one from way back when I used to babysit as a kid! Until TCM came on the air and resurrected it I thought it was a Universal horror pic!


It's great to hear from you again. You've been noticeably absent, as have I, especially with this Story of Film stuff that seems like it's been going on forever. I guess I'm just a simple person with simple tastes. Foreign art-house cinema just does not appeal to me.


If you can find anything at all to groove to, please reinstate your grooving reports! They are sorely missed! (As is something to groove to in the first place!)

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There was another Walking Dead movie back in the 90's? maybe? (or was it in the 80's)? I don't go to movies so I just remember the ad on TV.


but anyway I watched the 1936 film, the acting is all right but the script is so holey. like the couple witness a murder but don't say anything to the police bcs they are afraid of the mob! couldn't they call anonymously? then later they decide to tell the truth while the man was on the electric chair but they go tell this doctor?

what did the doc had to do with the jailers and the cops? I mean he knew the governor or something but then the gov calls the jail but the jailers are talking about the football or baseball?? and don't pick up the phone? gee everyone sits by the phone at that time. I mean the guy is getting fried and they are talking baseball ? lol

I didn't get it



only thing close to truth was the fact that the man's lawyer was a crook! lol :D

...and the D/A wasn't?!! ;-) hoh hoh hoh! :D


Edited by: matey on Oct 26, 2013 3:27 AM

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