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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Sat, Oct 26-Fri, Nov 1!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Sat, Oct 26 through Fri, Nov 1!!


Sorry for my being "awol" for a few weeks!!! I've been busy and hard to even find time to watch flix, let alone preview or write about them! I hope everyone of my TCM peeps are doing well and grooving along with the classic and rockin' flix on TCM!!


Man, we kick it off for Sat, Oct 26 with a coolio Bela Lugosi flick, THE DEATH KISS from 1933!! This is the way to start a day, let me tell ya!!! Lots of folks from the 31 DRAC flick here, Lugosi, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan! Low budget but a better flick than you might think, and it's highly recommended!!


At 9am, we find ourselves in noir land with John Payne and Evelyn Keyes, in 99 RIVER STREET (1953)!! This is a winner for noir fans, dig it!


Saturday night we are grooving hard to the "monsters need love too" theme, and we kick it off with the Karloff classic, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935), also with Colin Clive, luscious Valerie Hobson, Elsa Lanchester in the role she'll always be identified with, and the creepy weird Ernest Thesiger! Trip and a half! And not to be outdone, Karloff returns in THE MUMMy, up next!!! Then it's Val Lewton strutting his stuff in CAT PEOPLE (1942), and then Lugosi says wait just a minute here, you can't have this kind of lineup without one of my flix, and he does it up right in the 1932 shocker, WHITE ZOMBIE, where the zombie craze originates! This is a rockin' night and in the spirit of the season!!!


The Silent Sunday feature this week is the Lon Chaney classic, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA from 1925!!! yowza!!! Then at 3am it's Simone Signoret in DIABOLIQUE (1955)!!! Dig it!


Tuesday morning, we are treated to a Gloria Swanson talkie double feature, first with Laurence Olivier in PERFECT UNDERSTANDING, a 1933 pre-code, and those always rock it! Then nearly a decade later, Gloria mixes it up with Adolphe Menjou in FATHER TAKES A WIFE (1941)!!! Next up it's Juano Hernandez in the moving drama, INTRUDER IN THE DUST (1950)!! Then at 2:45pm, noir kicks in hard with Lee J Cobb, Patricia Medina, and Edward Arnold in MIAMI EXPOSE (1956), followed by Cyd Charisse (va-va-va-voom!!), Robert Taylor, and that pesky Lee J Cobb again in PARTy GIRL (1958)!!


Wednesday, Oct 30--this is what I'm talkin' about!!!! Oh yeah, it's the 1935 SHADOW OF DOUBT at 7am, an underrated and relatively unknown flick, starring my main man Ricardo Cortez and Virginia Bruce, in a suspense flick that sizzles!!! I dig this one! Then at 10:15am, another underrated flick, this one featuring the triumvirate of Karloff, Lugosi and Lorre, but it's Kay Kyser and his band mates who are featured, with thrills, chills and laughs in the awesome horror spoof, yOU'LL FIND OUT (1940). It's more spoofin' of the suspense genre next when Red Skelton (as the radio personality "The Fox" does it up right in a remake of a pre-code flick, WHISTLING IN THE DARK (1941), with the lovely Ann Rutherford, and Conrad Veidt doing his usual bad dude schtick! This one rocks, as does Basil Rathbone in the next up flick, FINGERS AT THE WINDOW (1942), also featuring the "Dr Kildare" love pair, Lew Ayres and Laraine Day!! This one is also underrated, gotta check it out!! Hedy Lamarr, George Brent and Paul Lukas show up next in the Jacques Tourneur thriller, EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944), followed by John Carradine, Jean Parker and Nils Asther in the low-budget, but no less awesome flick, BLUEBEARD (1944), directed by cult hero, Edgar G Ulmer!!


Of all people, Gilbert Gottfried programs us for Wed night, and he rocks it with OF MICE AND MEN (1939), THE SWIMMER (1968), an existentialist flick with Burt Lancaster, FREAKS (1932)--no way, Gilbert!!! LOL, and Gene Hackman in the Coppola-directed flick, THE CONVERSATION (1974)!!


I'm not a huge Hammer or later flick Price fan, but if you are, you are totally grooving hard to Thursday (Halloween), it's a huge fest of these flix, and the final send-off for the month anyway, for Vincent Price!!


Friday rocks it hard at 10am with a couple of hard-hitting pre-codes!!! First up, it's Walter Huston, Jean Harlow (yowza!!), Wally Ford, The Mick, and Jean Hersholt in the "ripped from the headlines" flick, THE BEAST OF THE CITy (1932)!!! Followed by another topical flick, THE WET PARADE (1932) with Wally Ford, Lewis Stone, Neil Hamilton, Robert young, and Dorothy Jordan!! Dig on those pre-codes, daddio!!!


Then it's 3 noirs for most of the afternoon! First up, Edmond O'Brien, Mark Stevens, Gale Storm and Roland Winters in BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN (1950), then at 4:45pm, it's Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed, and John Derek in SCANDAL SHEET (1952), an awesome crime flick, followed by THE BROTHERS RICO (1957) with Richard Conte, Dianne Foster, and Kathryn Grant!!! Noir-ing it up!


Friday night spotlight is on screwball comedies, and this week, we've seen them all a zillion times, but they are some of the heaviest hitters in this genre: IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934), HIS GIRL FRIDAy (1940), LIBELED LADy (1936), NOTHING SACRED (1937), THE MAD MISS MANTON (1938), and THE BRIDE CAME C.O.D. (1941)!!! Great way to spend a Friday night, I'd say!!!


Thanks TCM for a rockin' week of groovy flix!!! Have a totally classic flick week everyone!!!

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*Mark*, I have missed your grooves. So glad to see them again. Like you, I've had trouble finding time for my flix fix as my rather full DVR would indicate.


But there are a few this week that I'll either watch or record such as 99 RIVER STREET which I've seen before, but I loved it and will watch again.


Others that have my interest are SHADOW OF DOUBT (I'm also a Ricardo Cortez fan) and THE CONQUEROR WORM (most of Vincent Price's later work doesn't appeal to me but this does.)


I haven't seen any of the noirs for Friday afternoon so I might check those out and the screwballs though I've seen most of them a thousand times before (only a slight exaggeration.) THE BRIDE CAME COD (1941) will be a first for me...never seen it.

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It makes me happy to see that you have returned to your duties! :)

You have created a beloved institution and it is your responsibility to tend it as needed.


I love: *The Death Kiss* (1930). It is delightfully twisty.


The selection of movies tonight is wonderful! The horror genre reached great heights in these movies.


I will of course watch: *Diabolique* (1955). I have often wondered when we will have the technology to transform the movie so as to create versions which vary in subtle ways so as to confuse the viewer more.


*The Yellow Rolls-Royce* (1964) is a favorite of mine. It shows many sides of human nature.


*Whistling In The Dark* (1941) is great fun.


*Fingers At The Window* (1942) is indeed one to watch. The part which perplexes me is the ending. It is as if they had nineteen pages of script left to shoot when they were told they must finish by five o'clock and so they stuffed it all into the last scene.


Friday and Saturday are near perfection! They are as a fantasy schedule. :) It is a true celebration of a beloved genre.


*The Mad Miss Manton* (1938) is wonderful. I love to see her in that role which is far from her usual roles.


I am very happy that you are back with us and that you are maintaining the grand tradition which you instituted. :)

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