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From Here to Eternity: The Musical, opens in London


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*From Here to Eternity,* one of this season's highly touted West End shows, has opened to very mixed reviews. Friends of mine who have seen it said it's pretty awful.


The Daily Mail's critic wrote:


This one is a hoot, not necessarily by intention. It contains soupy tunes, glistening biceps, reality star Darius Campbell and his jawline, and generally more corn than even the leading breakfast cereal brands.


But the Telegraph gave it four stars:


This isn?t a major musical to rival South Pacific but in a West End awash with shows for kids and kidults it dares to speak to our inner grown-up about frustrated yearning, fleeting romance and pluck. Whether that?s enough to ensure it lasts longer than from here to the end of the current booking period is another question.


and so did the Independent:


You remember Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr and their passionate snog in the surf, naturally. Ditto: the brooding intensity of Montgomery Clift and the terrifying bombardment of Pearl Harbor. But how about Honolulu's Waikiki gay bar where hard-up, straight American soldiers earn some extra cash in return for sexual favours? Or the Drag Queen? Thought not.


The makers of this new musical have gone back to the unexpurgated version of the James Jones novel on which the Oscar-winning, but bowdlerised, 1953 movie is based.


The aim is a grittier, sexier low-down on life in the US army and the show ? with lyrics by Tim Rice and music by newcomer Stuart Brayson ? certainly gives you a powerful sense of men, thrown by poverty into this substitute family, and the nervous energies that are barely held in check by the furious military drilling in Javier de Frutos's testosterone-fuelled choreography.

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But...how do you do the beach scene with the surf rolling over them?


As for TGOW, as I was watching "The Insect Woman" and the scene which I have chosen not to describe, wherein the girl gives her father some sustenance, it reminded me that in the original novel of TGOW, isn't there a similar scene which definitely was NOT filmed in the Henry Fonda version.


Thank goodness!


Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 24, 2013 3:14 PM

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For me, musicals fall into two categories.


Chock full of unforgettable yet unmistakable "show tunes" that in most cases resemble the show tunes of many other musicals, regardless of the composer.


Or chock full of songs and music that NOBODY could possibly walk out of the theater humming to themselves( Le Miz, Rent).


I wonder which category this musical will fall under?


Other bad ideas for musicals:






CITIZEN KANE ( Well...maybe...)




And that's just for STARTERS!



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