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The (So-Called) "Scary" Movies!


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I can think of few things scary about these movies.

1-The script!

2-The ??? people who actually pay to watch these movies.

3-The acting and directing are also among the scary things.




I wrote a serious piece about the movie industry and the way they have been acting since day 1 and cataloged all their agendas but it was too serious and very true so I decided to cut and paste it some place else... in my own computer. heh...

It is (a few decades) too late anyway. so whats the use? :o




Edited by: matey on Oct 26, 2013 3:02 AM

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If you're meaning the "Scary Movie" franchise, there's no way to discuss them seriously. Not possible, nor SHOULD it be.


Since they parodize modern "horror" and sci-fi genre with the lowest level of comedy, they can, if you're in the certain frame of mind, be fun to watch. But I never went to the theater to see them. I'd just wait until they shortly wind up on TV, and see 'em then. Often, I change them about half way through, so I never saw how any of them ended.



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"Army of Darkness" (1992) is like that, horror made comedy. Ruined concept of "Evil Dead"




More stupid is "A Little Bit Zombie" (2012) The producer of this film has no fear of zombies because he has no brains to eat.




Edited by: hamradio on Oct 26, 2013 9:40 PM

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