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Lyle Talbot isn't in every movie... I just know it...


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I know Lyle Talbot wasn't in every film made in Hollywood. I know that. He wasn't even in half of them.


But he keeps popping up in recently purchased DVDs and, in a few, like 1933's PARACHUTE JUMPER, his scenes were deleted.


So, even when he's NOT in a film, he was IN the film!


He seems to be EVERYWHERE - all thru the '30s and '40s, into the '50s and then for Baby Boomers growing up with TVs, Lyle Talbot was a fixture from some of the earliest into the '80s ST ELSEWHERE and beyond.


He seemed to be everywhere. And all the time.


Is this part of the infamous Talbot Family Curse?


I mean, we all know his brother Larry (er Lawrence Talbot, officially:


had that horrible thing about full moons and a need to seriously shave.


We know Daddy Talbot supposedly killed Larry with a beating ("spare the silver rod, spoil the werewolf"), but we also saw that Larry was well enough later on so that Lou Costello fretted about taking an apple from Larry's hotel fruit basket. So Larry obviously got better.


Larry Talbot, much like his brother Lyle, simply couldn't be killed, maimed, burned or stopped often enough. He kept showing up, sometimes disguising himself as a Junior even.


And what about Gloria Talbott? She tried to avoid the family curse by cleverly altering her last name but she too was seen 'everywhere' during her career.


Sometimes, she was marrying monsters from outer space (who really WERE quite handsome for Earthling Males, according to my wife)...


Other times, she was hopping back and forth from Roy & Dale TV episodes to Perry Mason and even Zorro. She, like Lyle, seemed to be in just about every TV series made.


The Talbot(t) Family Curse - to be everywhere, all the time, any time.


I suppose the family motto must be "Even when we're not there, we're STILL in the movie!"

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He just popped up in a Burns and Allen episode I watched. To think around the time he was making films like Plan 9..., he was also shooting just about every early television show. Sort of like Charles Lane.


Do you think that makes him ubiquitous or omnipresent?

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Wow! All very strange and eerie coincidences to be sure, Ollie!


I'm thinking all this might make for a very interesting segment on PBS's award winning "Frontline" series.


(...and of which one of producers of this series also coincidentally happens to be one Stephen Talbot, son of Lyle, and former child actor who played the character of Gilbert on "Leave It to Beaver")



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I've wondered for years whatever happened to Gene Talbot who was seemingly smitten with Connie Brooks of "Our Miss Brooks" fame.


Thought he'd been jilted, thought he'd been fired, thought Mister Boynton offed him or maybe Walter Denton had run over him with his car in the Madison High parking lot.


But now I know...the Talbott curse strikes again!


This is as bad as the current curse about that Ice Man mummy named something like Uttsy or Outsy or Ootsy, in which everyone who participated in the archaelogical dig, the scientists, and the photographer and the lab people are dying sad, miserable deaths. Kind of like King Tut's curse, which they tried to explain as bacterial but this Ice Man thing is more mystifying.


Just like the Talbott curse. I sure feel badly that it hit Gloria too as she was one of my favorite femmes from the 1950's.


Thanks Ollie for this scintillating expose, worthy of a Confidential magazine spread.

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Hibi, a month later and I'm finished with our Thanksgiving Luau AND the requisite recovery ten days!


On IMDB's Parachute Jumper, it lists Lyle as "undetermined (scenes deleted)", hence the joke that "even when he's not in a film, he's IN the film."


For the life of me, I can't understand ANY attraction about him. Or just about any Charactor Actor/Actress. I don't 'see' it. I don't get it. How did these casting geniuses pick One Nothing Face out of so many others?


This wasn't close to Lyle's film debut either - he was nearing Two Dozen Sold! on his resum? by this time. Was Hollywood so desparate that they'd use anyone that kept showing up? And on and on and on? I mean, I can poke fun at anyone accepting a Ed Woods Jr film role, but look at Lyle's TV work at that time and beyond - PERRY MASON was never a bumpkin product. BURNS & ALLEN with a 30 year radio history... WAGON TRAIN... on and on. The guy littered Hollywood and then our TV landscape for decades.


It can't be that "he just kept showing up" but that he continued to deliver that wonderful collection of faces and a half-shocked voice at times.


Some of those casting folks were truly geniuses.

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