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What amazes me is how close every plot element from this movie is identical to his ALIENS.


The little girl and her doll

The death of her parents

the ant warrior

the ant queen

the search for the insect hive (or nest)

the eggs discovered

the flame throwers used to fight them off

the use of the military to search inside the Los Angeles water system (which looks suspiciously like planet Acheron's oxygen system)


And to top it off, I just stumbled on a 1986 interview with Cameron in which the interview pointed this out to him. Cameron's own friends told him, hmmm, Jim you should see THEM!, it's very similar to your ALIENS.


In this interview, he freely admits to having seen the film and the interviewer stressed the similarities then the conversation went slightly uncomfortable and Cameron sheepishly admits on video how much THEM! must have "entered his subconscious". Yeah right.


SO here's a director sued by acclaimed sci-fi author Harlan Ellison for using "Soldier" and making "The Terminator". Cameron loses and is forced to put an acknowledgement at the end of ALL Terminator prints the "Works of Harlan Ellison".


Then Avatar. Which is a space aged version of Dances with Wolves.


Man, I wish I could have the cojones to just blatantly take specific scenes from old films and use them and still make a career out of it.

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