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THEM !! Helllppp! Aaarrggggg!

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This is not a great movie, but it certainly is a very good movie. I watch it just about every time it is on.


The script and dialogue are intelligent, and the cast is very good, with some great actors and very good realistic acting. And the movie is put together as if it is a top serious film dramatic film.


I'd like to see INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS again. These are two great sci-fi films of the 1950s.

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I like the formula's used with these types of movies. We don't have characters standing around whining about their personal problems. This is straight forward and to the point.

Good pacing.


Bring on Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

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*Them* is a favorite of mine. Always watch it when it's on, been watching this film for decades on TV. I have 2 tapes of the film and watch that at least twice a year.

I also love *The Invasion of The Body Snatchers*. Just watched it the other day, another well worn tape. Both were among the best of the best '50's sci-fi films and I'll never tire of either. I think even with the silly gibberish *The Day The Earth Stood Still* with Michael Rennie and Patricia O'Neal is great and is another best of the best sc-fi's.

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I was obsessed with "Them!" when it was released (age revealer). I was 6 and all I had to go on were the ads in the paper (which I cut out and saved) and a trailer I saw at the time when my family saw "Elephant Walk". I was dying to go, but my mom thought it might be too intense for my young age and didn't me go, so I never got to see it until years later when it was on television. When I finally saw "Them!, it was not a disappoinment and still holds up. As was pointed out, the dialogue is intelligent and the acting is just fine. With some tweaks even the ants could stand up to modern audience scrutiny.

So the first of the genre I got to see was "Tarantula!" a year later - I guess at 7 I was deemed old enough to handle it or else Mom got tired of my whining. Love that both movies go for the ! after the title and while not as esteemed as "Them!", I think "Tarantula!" is not bad either.

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I loved all of the giant creature movies and Them! was a memorable favorite! I haven't seen it since I was a kid, but it is currently on my DVR waiting for a future screening. Them! has always struck me as an odd title. It brings to mind an ominous group of vampires, zombies or aliens, but ants would be way down the list in my mind. My wife and daughter had the same reaction:

"What is Them!? It sounds scary!"

"It's about giant ants."

"Ants? That's a strange name for a movie about ants."


I have a soft spot in my heart for the Deadly Mantis and the Giant Gila Monster too.

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THEM! is one of the best because of the giant ant props/puppets used-you get to see them clearly and quite a few times. I love the close-ups where you can see how the artists made them with fake fur.


I've seen THEM! in a theater on 35mm *and* 16mm screened in a more intimate setting - and last night on TCM was the first time I ever noticed the weirdest wardrobe decision: the cops wear two tone cowboy style shirts & bow ties!




"Stop wailing little Bjork or there will be no ant puppet for you this Christmas!"


(sorry couldn't resist)

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Despite it's many flaws, yes, THEM is a perrenial favorite of mine. But it never ceases to amaze me that in spite of the fact that HUMANS wither and die from radiation exposure, insects seem to grow to gigantic proportions! Have any entymologists ever try this out? And did I spell that right?


FLAWS? WHAT "flaws"?


Well, to begin with, if it were a real situation, the police officer( Whitmore) would have early on been removed from the scene, and the Feds and military would have taken over.


And how could these giant ants move about with nobody seeing them except the looney in the nuthouse? And since they seem to make so much NOISE when we see them in the movie, WHY doesn't anyone in the movie HEAR them at any other time?


But you know what? The damned movie is so much fun, I DON'T CARE!


My ex and me had a good laugh while watching it one night in the '70's. It was during the scene where the guy at the railroad was going on about how stupid it seemed that someone would highjack something so worthless as SUGAR. It was during that time in the '70's when sugar prices spiked so high, it was at a premium!



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>But it never ceases to amaze me that in spite of the fact that HUMANS wither and die from radiation exposure, insects seem to grow to gigantic proportions! Have any entymologists ever try this out? And did I spell that right?


Funny you should mention that.. About 30 years ago I read a science article along those lines. Our government (who else?) sectioned off a desert area of about 1 square mile and continually exposed this area to radiation levels equivalent to an atomic blast - levels I can't recall. Insects didn't grow larger but they were the only life form to survive. They had placed lots of cockroaches in the area - they appeared to be unaffected.

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Lavender, want to start a fan club for IOTBS and TDTESS?


Those are my two most favorite fifties sci-fi films too.


I almost wished the aliens would take over, after seeing Michael Rennie in that silver suit.


When they try to lock him up in that hospital room by locking the door, and he just laughs...fabulous.


I also love that small bit at the boarding house, when as Mr. Carpenter he picks up the small music box most bemused, and is surprised when he opens it to hear the music.


How do you feel about The Incredible Shrinking Man?


Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 28, 2013 3:41 PM

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"Incredible Shrinking Man" is cool - another one I saw when first released. I was very young ( about 8 years old) and mostly enjoyed the spider sequences and was rather confused by the ending ,but still loved the movie. I still think it is a very ambiguous ending (narration is upbeat, but now what? How small can he get? What in the world will his life be like now?) the movie also becomes increasingly sad as he more and more loses his former life - sad for him, sad for his loving wife. Very different sci-fi from almost everything else and I thought the filmakers were kind of daring with the direction the movie took.

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Hi Cavegirl, Thanks for the invitation to start a fan club for those great films :) I also Love *The Incredible Shrinking Man* . I remember seeing the film in one of my neighboorhood movie theaters when I was a little girl. Sat afternoon when there were cartoons, 2 films and delicious Bon-Bons!


Yes Michael Rennie was great as Mr. Carpenter, quiet, all knowing and he was handsome but odd enough looking to be the spaceman. My favorite scenes were with Billy Gray and Rennie. I loved the scene when Billy and Michael are walking together at Arlington and the Lincoln Memorial, I thought it was touching. I loved Billy's reaction to the diamonds. I love when Gort's flapper on his face would open, and OH someone or something was going to be fried! Maybe not so frightening now, but at the time I can just imagine an audience's reaction.


As far as *The Invasion of the Body Snatchers* another truly great sci-i film. When Dana opens those eyes, I still get the willys! I was talking to an older friend yesterday about Body Snatchers, he was telling me that to him this was the most frightening of all the sci-fi films in the 1950's. He saw the film when he very young, and couldn't sleep for weeks after seeing the film, because he was afraid that one of the pods would take over his body if he fell asleep LOL


I'll always love these films and so glad to read you also loved them :) and Thanks again for asking ME to repond to your funny, inciteful post :)



Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Oct 29, 2013 2:52 PM


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Oct 29, 2013 2:54 PM

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> I like Allison Hayes in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. I wonder why?


Maybe because you didn't need mirrored shoes?


While many of us like our "cheap-o" '50's sci-fi schlock, with hideous monsters and space invaders bent on destroying mankind and colonizing Earth, we still have it in us to love movies like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN because they're so different from the others.


Klaatu came to Earth to warn us of impending destruction if we didn't heed his message of peace and brotherhood. (yeah, I know...but let's not get into the tired discussion of it's New Testament referrence)


The other made you wonder just WHAT the poor man might encounter as he grew even smaller and what that might look like. I remember as a kid trying to visualize him dodging the dangers of amoebas and bacteria, or trying to ride an atom.


Those filmakers probably didn't realize just how deep their subject matter really was, and would be proud to see just how positively it affected the audiences over the years.



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