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Who's the actress clutching her pearls


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In another forum, somebody used [this photo|http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GLDNP1S45Vo/Uakf-zYOzkI/AAAAAAAAMUY/NsWzC-Mosfw/s640/pearl+clutching.jpg] to illustrate pearl-clutching. I'm going nuts trying to figure out who it is.


Apparently, it's being used fairly commonly to denote pearl-clutching, since the poster used a reverse lookup and got only hits for it being used as an exemplar of pearl-clutching, and not for being from whatever movie.


SO who is it? And do you know what movie it is?

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I believe this is *Easy Virtue (1928)* - a silent film from Alfred Hitchcock that was based on the 1924 Noel Coward play. The pic shows Larita Filton (Isabel Jeans) reacting to her husband beating up a portrait artist who loves her, about fifteen minutes into the film.






Here's the full still


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Thank you. I would have guessed it was from one of those drawing-room comedies from the early 1930s.


I actually have *Easy Virtue* on one of those el cheapo DVD sets of old Hitchcock movies, but haven't gotten around to watching it.

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