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Poor Halloween film selections

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A whole week of "Stars Behind Bars. Seven days, thirty-five movies."


And some people complain about one night of Price/Poe films. ;)

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What's this 1979 film on TCM right now? It looks like a PBS Masterpiece Theater movie or a made for TV BBC film. I can see these all week long on the BBC channel and on PBS. I don't need to pay to see these on TCM. Where is Warren William or Richard Dix?

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Are you really asking a question or is this just another complaint disguised as a question?


Tonight is the Story of Film series: An Odyssey, The: 1969-1979 - Radical Directors in the 70s.


This explains why they are showing movies made in the 70s. You know some great movies like BADLANDS were made during the 70s.

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>You know some great movies like BADLANDS were made during the 70s.


Yes, but this ain't one of them.


I think I saw about half of this on PBS about 10 years ago, but it was so slow and boring, I fell asleep during it.






This film has been on for 1 hour and 40 minutes, and nothing happened in it. She didn't get a job, she didn't get married, she didn't do anything. Whatever interesting that happens in her life, happens long AFTER the movie is over. :)


Now we go on to the disappearing girls, and again, nothing happens in it.


Edited by: FredCDobbs on Nov 4, 2013 7:40 PM

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The new FOX series "Sleepy Hollow" has been the best I've seen so far. Combines, the Headless Horseman, witches, afterlife, demons, Sineaters, the apocalypse, Freemasons and much more all wound up into one very good TV film that started mid October and gone past Halloween.


Glad to see something different for a change.





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*Where is Warren William or Richard Dix?*


Aww, c'mon - just how often have you seen either actor in prime time on TCM?


I get TCM as part of my basic service. I get about another 200 channels as part of that. I don't expect any one of them to please me 24/7. I have a couple of pay channels also, I don't expect full time gratification from them either.

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*That's like saying you don't expect every car you buy to run properly.*


Not at all. You buy a car, you're getting one finished product. With TCM, you're getting about 300 finished products in one month. There is no way, then or now, that anyone could look at a monthly schedule for TCM and say honestly that they love every single movie on the schedule.


Face it, even if TCM aired nothing but talkies made through 1960, you aren't going to like BLACK WIDOW when it pops up on the schedule.

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All through November Metv is showing Frankenstein films each Saturday night on the "Svengoolie" show at 10pm est. They already featured the original *Frankenstein* this past Saturday, this Saturday it's the not often aired 1940 *Ghost Of Frankenstein* , a follow up to the previous *Son Of Frankenstein* from 1939. The following week is *House Of Frankenstein* which gives us the triple threat of Frankie, Dracula and the Wolf Man. Boris Karloff is in that one as the mad scientist.

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