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A wonderful trip -South seas adventures


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One of the last Cinerama documentaries. By Carl Dudley.With a beautiful score by Alex North.By on Captain Kooks discovery of the south seas island.This was a wonderful d.v.d. and Blu - Ray film It focuses from Hawaii to french Tahiti to the Tonga islands to the Fejes and what surprised my own ignorant that New Zealand was not only a part of the south islands but it split up in too.The north h and south .Even Australia was a part of the south sea islands too.I was very ignorant about this.The stories are complicated too.Kay is going to Hawaii on a cruise ship.She meets Marlene ,who is going home to Hawaii,which leads to meeting Marlene's Brother Tim.Will she or will she ? and Jean Louise a starving artist who want to go to Tahiti to paint and goes on board to the Te Vega ship to barter, only to meet his first Subject Turia, the native dancer.Captain Amos Dorn, who goes from different island to do business,like bring special religious book to the Christiana Fijians printed in Pidgin English.The bungy jumpers of Pentecostal Island an ex world war 2 vet name Jay Ashworth who revisits new Zealand and fishes trout .Last and not least Stephan and his daughter Anna starting a new life from trouble Europe with his brother Bill in Australia,in his sheep farm .A tuneful song by a unseen chorus of sinning men,Clip ! clip the sheep!. The story get dramatic too.Like the 1927 film Napoleon ,the Cinerama process splits up to three scenes in the sequence where out back kids are having their annual school play from ham radio,school of the air.A tragic accident when Anna's cousin Bobby breaks his collar bone.The screen splits up in three scenes.The original women in the film Ramine ,who played Turia's , Kay ,played by Dianna Beardmore,Marlene ,played by Marlene Lizzio, showed up at the revival of the restored film at Cinerama.Non of them were interviewed .Was restored by pristine negative .Bull! The negative was as damaged bas the negative of the wide world of brother Grimm.Yet it was restored by master 4000.time Warner is just greedy to restore the wide world of brother Grimm in the master 4000.Irony that the budget for this Restoration south sea Island was small.big business has a different attitude .Worth buying .Oh I forgot Orson wells narrates it

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