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Direct to Video Movies


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Is there a website that one can visit to see a list of new or upcoming Direct to Video releases that tells one about the plot, running time and quality of the film?


Generally they are not well made as a theatrical release and don't get advertisements on television.


There are a couple on Directv but hate to shell out even the $4.99 in case it stinks. If its going to appear on the Sci-fi channel then its easy to assume it does.

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You may find some information on the Troma Entertainment site. They are distributors of Independent movies and make their own movies. I attempted to look at what information they have but the site loads so very slowly that I could not wait for it.


I know of them because of their release of: *Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead* (2006).


Rotten Tomatoes has also a section under DVD for all current releases. This is not limited to the major movies and it includes some Direct-To-Video movies.

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