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Issue with TCM Ultimate Fan Entry-Not seeing it in the gallery..anyone else


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Dear Fans,

I need your help.

Last Thursday at 8:42 pm pst I submitted a :52 promo for the TCM Ultimate Fan contest..

Here is the link-the Youtube time stamp is 8:39 pm pst.


Oh wow-the message board may not accept the link?






When I submitted-I got a screen message @ 8:43 pm pst

"Thank you for your submission"-when I clicked again I got "Submissions now closed" @ 8:44 pm pst.


Any ideas?


Anyone else go through this.


I am very unhappy. Just looking for a resolve.


Thanks TCM Family!



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Your best bet is to call Atlanta directory assistance and see if you can get the phone number for TCM.


Then call them and explain the problem.


Only one other person has posted about having a similar problem and the majority of posters here did not enter the contest.


So, calling TCM might be the quickest way to resolve the problem.

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Hi guys~

I got an email from Ultimate Fan admin early Monday:






Elizabeth MInnis- Menzies


Nov 4 at 7:16 AM

**Hello Elizabeth,**


**So sorry about the delayed response. As you can imagine we've been extremely busy here looking through all of the submissions.**


**The video you submitted on our website seems to be having some playback issues on our site.**


**But we have your YouTube link and will certainly place it under consideration when determining the winner!**


**Thanks so much! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!**


Here is my link:



I know I am older and rather menopausal...but I can count from 8:42 pm pst to 1-2-3 landing at 11:42 est for my submission time. So the doubters might want to reconsider.I am happy.They say they have the video and it is under review...I have yet to see it in the gallery-but Youtube works too-right? Many of the submissions in the gallery come up with audio only and a black screen.


This has to be a hell of job for these guys. I just hope the producers for Ultimate Fan see my piece-it would break my heart if they don't. The thing is-I know I came in close...but I had promised myself I would do it. And then you know the saying.."wanna make Gid laugh-make plans"...


My 91 year old dad kind of had a "come to Jesus meeting" with me about it. "Baby get out there and do it-I am fine"...

I manage his care-and right now he is dealing with a second round of cancer and radiation therapy.YEP he is 91-a WWII Vet and I swera like an Eveready Bunny He is ok-radiation treatments are going nicely-BIG shout out to Santa Barbara Cancer Center staff and Shirley his rockin social worker!!


I SWEAR-This is not a pitch for "QUEEN FOR A DAY!"-Promise. I have just had a rough year-lost my Mom-(a devotee to TCM when it was still just WTBS CH 17 in ATL.) My son and I were in car accident and two jobs fell through. Just one of those years.


The TCM Film Festival is one of my favorite things I do all year. It is like "Comic Con" for Classic Film-or any kind of film geek!"

I love it to bits!

Anyhow-so I am just glad...**at least this is what they wrote-so it does look like I am in!**

Thanks for your support. This is such an amazingly epically supportive community! Last year I got an email from someone attending and they had questions-out of towner etc..and I directed her to Airbnb.com for housing and a list of eateries and such....and during the festival she followed me on twitter caught up with me..and I ended up joining her merry band of wandering classic film zombie geek land! Gotta love it!

Thanks again-Lizzy Menzies

(yep just like the guy who one the FIRST Oscar for Art Direction~ William Cameron Menzies for "Gone With The Wind"-`of CT and Aberfeldy Scotland-small world ain't it. Slange!!!!!!

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Yes, when looking through the TCM Ultimate Fan submissions, I did see that some of them had problems. At least one didn't have any image, I just heard the audio over a black screen.


So you're not the only one with those problems ;-)


After reading your post, I just looked at your submission. I think you were great! Your speaking, diction, etc. were awesome! Seriously, I think you could be a reporter if you wanted to!

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