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Favorite Hollywood Eyes

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Some that come to mind at this moment are:


Marta Toren

Gaby Rodgers ("Kiss Me Deadly") -- those wonderful, demented eyes

Diana Ross -- HUGE eyes!


...and two great pairs of bedroom eyes (in addition to the aforementioned Charles Boyer):


Marie Windsor

Victor Mature

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faceinthecrowd wrote:

Which brings to mind Jack Elam.


If you put him together with Peter Falk you get a whole head's worth.


Seriously, I never realized either man was missing an eye until I read their obits. They were such fine actors you got too lost in their performances-at leat I did-to notice.

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I like those stars who can convey emotions etc with just the eyes. Garbo was good at this, especially in her silent films. Jane Russell (yeah I know her eyes are not considered her best assets, but yeah) had this way of giving a little lift of the brow and a twist of a smile. Mae West did it too.

Marlene Dietrich conveys a whole series of emotions in the movie A Foreign Affair with just her eyes--in the scene where she is singing "Illusions" and sees her lover come in with her rival, she shows first surprise, then hurt then finally anger (you KNOW she's going to make him suffer) all without missing a beat of her song:



Sean Connery has very expressive eyebrows (don;t laugh--he can say more with the lift of an eyebrow than many actors can say with lines of dialogue). Cary Grant used his eyes very well (his whole face, really).

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