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Passes Purchased! Who else is counting the days?


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Bought tickets last week. Really psyched. It'll be the first time for me. Anyone know roughly when they start announcing Schedule Updates? I know they've announced Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and a Harold Lloyd with a new score, but just wondering when to expect the rest. Thanks.

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roadrdr6, so glad you're going to the festival. TCM will announce additions to the lineup from now until about three weeks before the festival--mid-March, say--when they will unveil the complete schedule.


What usually happens is that the most famous films and some famous guests are announced earlier, and the more obscure gems which I love are often not announced until the complete schedule is revealed.


TCM has an eye out for restorations, and occasionally these may not be ready in time. Sometimes guests have to cancel for various reasons. Last year Polly Bergen was going to introduce *Cape Fear*, but she had the chance to shoot a pilot for a new TV show, so Barrie Chase subbed for her.

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I haven't purchased my pass yet but only plan to go with "Matinee" and hope they won't be sold out before I buy mine. This will be my fifth year. It's my FAVORITE thing to do all year! The first year, it was so cozy and mom-and-pop, that I was able to buy my pass about a hour before the first movie. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money, and then I looked out the window and saw Robert Osborne crossing Hollywood Boulevard with Diane Baker. Boom! Dropped the $549 on the spot.


I'm an L.A. native. Was born in a hospital on Sunset Boulevard. I absolutely love how my city becomes a vacation spot during the fest. It's like another world, and I live really close to the venues.


I miss the first year's "deal" when they put the passes on sale for $100 off during the month of December. I didn't take advantage of it, but it's sad to see that those days are long gone. ? Nothing will top the magic and discovery of the first year.


To anyone who's going for the first time, you're going to love it. It will NOT disappoint! I highly recommend you take the Monday and Tuesday AFTER the Fest off of work, if you can. You are going to be suffering MAJOR withdrawal, trolling the Internet looking for fellow sufferers!? It's VERY hard to go back to work immediately on Monday.


Have fun everyone!

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