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Is TCM your main source to the classics one source of many?


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TCM remains the best - not only the variety and extent but also the respect given format, inclusion of opening/exit music for movies that had them in theatres, star remembrances etc etc. and ROBERT OSBORNE!


Of course I also watch them where ever I can get them - Encore Westerns for example.


Then there's the way too ( eccentically) large home collecton which no doubt is matched/ exceeded by many/most members here.

That might be an interesting question - How large is YOUR VHS/Laser Disc/DVD/Blu-Ray collection?

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We have about 200 classic films showing in our city's festivals, but the amazing thing is that at least half are 'best marketed' by a preceding showing on TCM. Folks then "hafta" see it on the big-screen.


But TCM is definitely a strong source for the never-before-classics, which Mondays and Tuesdays seem to be filled with. TCM's researchers must have a hoot of a time discovering these.


I too came out of Bob Dorian and AMC, and AMC's never been a consistently-watched channel after their plunge.

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I use TCM primarily as my source for old films. I subscribe to the Now Playing guide and every month, I read the schedule and circle the films I want to record; then I set the films up to record on my DVR so I can watch them (and re-watch them) at my leisure.


I also have a Netflix subscription so I will locate specific films that I wish to watch (that don't appear to be showing on TCM any time soon) and have them mailed to me.


Finally, I also own a lot of classic films (most of which I have seen before); but I will occasionally buy films I haven't seen but know that I'll love them. I also like to buy boxed sets of specific actors that I love and I'll discover new films that way as well.


I always find it a shame when I hear about a film and then see that it doesn't appear to be playing on TCM any time soon and the film is out of print, so there is no way to obtain it through any of my other means. All I can hope for is that TCM either shows it, or that someone bootlegged it onto you tube or something. There's an Errol Flynn film, "The Perfect Specimen" that I'd love to see; but apparently there is some kind of copyright dispute that keeps the film from being shown on TCM and keeps it from being distributed on DVD. It's a shame.

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it's the mainstream source of classic movies,It's the only classic film channel that don't have commercial interruption.unlike fox movie channel ,which doesn't explore the past enough and A.m.c. which explore less these days,T.cm explore more ,but, it doesn't explore enough .it need to go further,there are many m.g.m classic and Warner brother classic that don't have copy right p[problems that time Warner sit on, Like Under a Texas moon and Norma shears first talkie,which i don;t think is lost and the 1940 remake.Time Warner is a bit greedy and selfish not to serve all classic film fans .They only serve a specif target for the quick greedy ratings and profit.T.c.m by my own research is wall street controlled.Although Murdoch and m.c.a and Disney hoard the worst ,at least time Warner hoards the least.For example when I found out 5 month earlier that t.c.m was going to have a tribute to Conrad Vieht ,i already knew what they were not going to show .His German talkies.It would not been impossible for them to get a broad cast license from transit film and English subtitles .But knowing corporate studio greed ,they wanted to save money ,they would not do that.There are other sources for classic film on the web,like kino on video, flicker alley.also public domain web sites like loving the classic.com.They eve stated if they are selling a film that still has a copy right then contact them and they will remove it.but they would have to prove it.T.c.m is a good classic movie channel ,but, time Warner needs to expand its film history exploration ,rather than over exposing the best classic film only

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>Oh look. Mike Mcgee is back.


Guess you can tell by zero writing style. I didn't get past the first sentence.


I don't have cable, but a good movie friend generously records a few "must sees" every month for me.

After viewing, I often pass these along to another starving artist friend without cable.


I try to keep up with discussions here and often prompts me to get the DVD from my library system. This often includes newer movies along with "classics".


Broadcast TV can be fun too-our PBS station has PD movies all day long and I've seen several early oddities that ran in "black" theaters and fun "blacksploitation" type films on the new BounceTV.

I'm glued to the tube Saturday nights for MeTV's "Svengoolie" who shows Universal Monster & Sci-Fi films.


I frequent several used DVD stores and often pick up interesting titles for $5, like CABINET OF DR CALIGARI. Even well known "classic" films aren't very popular and I can find them for a song.


But nothing compares to all the theaters in my area who show 35mm films. Just this week I saw LABRYNTH for the first (and only) time. (glad I saw it at a theater with an audience) Our annual "HorrorFestival comes around in April from 11am to 1am spanning titles from the 40's to 2008 or so.

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