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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Tues, Nov 12-Sun, Nov 17!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Tues, Nov 12-Sun, Nov 17!!!


Sorry missed Monday this week! Busy, busy, but hope that all my TCM board brothers and sisters are jamming and rocking hard to some groovy TCM flix!!! Today is Robert Ryan noir day, so groove it hard!


Tuesday, Nov 12 hits it and hits it hard with a Busby Berkeley all day tribute @ 6:45am and Joe E Brown, Ann Dvorak and Patricia Ellis mixing it up in BRIGHT LIGHTS from 1935!! Then it's Guy Kibbee, Dolores Del Rio, my main man Allen Jenkins, and Everett Marshall in I LOVE FOR LOVE, also from 1935!! Dolores Del Rio returns, along with snappy Glenda Farrell, Leo Carillo, Pat O'Brien, and Edward Everett Horton with IN CALIENTE (1935)!! Lovin' the 30's, daddio!!! And more to come as Pat O'Brien hangs around, this time with Jean Muir, Jane Froman, and Marie Wilson in STARS OVER BROADWAY (1935)!! And don't miss the short at 12:30pm, RAMBLING ROUND RADIO WITH JERRY WALD from 1934, fun stuff!!! Busby does it up right the rest of the day with STAGE STRUCK (1936), THE GO-GETTER (1937), with George Brent woooooo and Anita Louise!!!, MEN ARE SUCH FOOLS (1938) with Wayne Morris and Priscilla Lane, along with Bogie, baby!!!, a comedy mystery with Franchot Tone and Ann Sothern, FAST AND FURIOUS (1939), and finally we emerge from the halcyon days of the 1930's with the 1941 BLONDE INSPIRATION, with Johns Shelton, Virginia Grey and Albert Dekker!!! Woooooooo!!


The hard grooves, for me, pick up on Thursday at 10:45am EST, with a pre-code fest (part of a day long fest of Director William A Seiter flix!!), led off with BACK PAY (1930), featuring Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers, Montagu Love!! Then it's Ginger Rogers, Norman Foster and Zasu Pitts in PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART (1933)!!! The oh so delectable Ginger turns up again with Norman Foster in RAFTER ROMANCE (1933), then it's Zasu Pitts, Pert Kelton and Edward Everett Horton in SING AND LIKE IT (1934)!!! Edna May Oliver says "say what??!!" in WE'RE RICH AGAIN (1934), with Billie Burke, Marion Nixon, Reginald Denny, and Buster Crabbe!!! Parkyakarkas says wait a sec, I want to get in on this action, and he shows up as THE LIFE OF THE PARTY (1937) along with Gene Raymond, Ann Miller, Joe Penner, Helen Broderick, Franklin Pangborn, and Margaret Dumont!!! Party on, dude!


But wait! Seiter is not done with us yet, but he def switches gears to a WWII drama, DESTROYER from 1943, starring Eddie G himself, along with Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan, my main man Edward Brophy, Regis Toomey, and Leo Gorcey!! Haven't seen this one before, but with a cast like that, difficult to go wrong!



Thursday night is "Bob's Picks", and Bob is pulling no punches with his first choice at 8pm being the taut thriller, MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS (1945), with Nina Foch, Dame May Witty, and George MacReady!!! This one rocks!!! At 11:15pm, it's the noir, THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1948), directed by and starring the legendary Orson Welles, along with his wife at the time, the gorgeous Rita Hayworth, and Everett Sloane!!! Then Dick Powelll noir's it up in the train thriller, THE TALL TARGET (1951), along with Adolphe Menjou, Marshall Thompson, Ruby Dee, Will Geer (Granpa Walton!!), and Paula Raymond!! Don't miss this one if you haven't seen it before!!! Rounding out the night are two early musicals, DAMES (1934) at 2:30am, and 42ND STREET (1933)!!! Notice the difference between the two, as DAMES is post-code, and 42ND STREET is def pre-code and saucier!!! Both are gems though, dig it!


Friday daytime we find Babs Stanwyck and the sexy Lizabeth Scott featured, first up it's Babs in the pre-code SO BIG (1932), but tame for that era, still a goodalicious flick, with George Brent, Bette Davis (yep!!), Alan Hale, Hardie Albright, Guy Kibbee, and Dickie Moore!!! Then it's pre-code how it was meant to be, with a hard-hitting Babs in LADIES THEY TALK ABOUT (1933), along with Preston Foster and Lyle Talbot!! Then Babs hands off the baton to Lizabeth Scott, in a flick they are both featured in, the noir, THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (1946), also with Kirk Douglas and Van Heflin!! Lizabeth then takes charge with a couple of the heavy hitters of the noir era, first with Bogie in DEAD RECKONING (1946), and then Dick Powell in PITFALL (1948)!!! Both are totally groovy flix!! Lizabeth keeps it rolling with hunkalicious Victor Mature in EASY LIVING (1949), then with sexy Jane Greer and Dennis O'Keefe in THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS (1951), and then the beefcake gets heavy with Mitch, Robert Ryan, and tough guys William Talman, Ray Collins (a Perry Mason party!!), William Conrad in the hard-hitting crime drama, THE RACKET (1951)!!!


Friday nights are all about screwball comedies this month, and Matthew Broderick packs another Friday night with cream of the crop comedies, this time it's THEODORA GOES WILD (1936), TWENTIETH CENTURY (1934), EASY LIVING (1937), IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD (1939), MERRILY WE LIVE (1938) and IF YOU COULD ONLY COOK (1935)!!! What a night of yukkin' it up!!


Sunday you can't miss the hard-hiting noir drama by Fritz Lang, THE BIG HEAT from 1953, and starring Glenn Ford and Gloria Grahame!! Hits 'em where you least expect it! Then in the evening, it's MGM vs Fox with two "Johnny" flix, up first at 8pm is JOHNNY EAGER (1942) with Robert Taylor, Lana Turner and Edward Arnold! Arnold shows up in the Fox flick, JOHNNY APOLLO (1940) next, this time with Tyrone Power and Dorothy Lamour!!! Two coolio crime flix for a Sunday evening, hey it rocks!!!


Gotta get my appreciation out there to TCM for presenting and providing us with all these totally groovy flix and presented without breaks and ads, it's beyond words how grateful I am in this month of "Thanksgiving" for many of us! Dig it!

Oh wait...wow!!! I just realized I can now watch TCM streaming live???!!! WOW to the WOW!!!! That totally rocks!!!


Edited cos I was still in October!!! *yikes*

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