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I never considered Lancaster to be a wooden actor or someone cast in stone. In fact sometimes I think he is a little too earnest (expect when he is with Douglas since two actors doing that would just be too much).


Of course there are low key performances (e.g. Ok Corral), but these 'fit' the character he was playing.


I admit I wasn't a fan of Burt from the start. But looking at the number of high quality movies Burt stared in and his performances in these movies, I?m a fan now. To me he clearly had one of the most stellar careers for an actor from any generation and to me leads the pack for the "second wave" stars (yea, even more so than Brando since Brando couldn?t sustain his career over time at the same level as Burt).


Note: I?m a major fan of Robert Mitchum but I don?t know what "wave" to place him in. He isn?t part of the 30s actors like Cagney and Bogie, but I don?t consider him part of that second wave.

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James, my experience watching Burt Lancaster movies is similar to yours. By forming his own production company he had more independence than many other stars of his era, and he worked for many fine directors from the 1940s into the 1980s, all the way from Robert Siodmak to Louis Malle and Bill Forsyth.


Whatever you may think of his acting, he had an exemplary career, one of the greatest in the history of American films. Burt was involved with a remarkable number of films which still hold our interest today.

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Usually any negative comments I hear about Burt Lancaster is that he overacts and hams it up. He does that, usually when its appropriate for the character. In *Elmer Gantry* for example his emotions go from one extreme to the other, as fitting the characters situation. Hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but to say Burt is emotionless, you must be kidding, right?

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"Someone who is great reminds you of no one else."

THAT'S Burt Lancaster! What an actor, what a presence, what a spirit, what a career!

Think of how strong his later movies were! That's rare!

Atlantic City! (Wow!), Local Hero, Field of Dreams, even Tough Guys, reuniting with Kirk Douglas for a laugh.

My all-time favourite Burt Lancaster movie is The Swimmer.

Thank you, Burt Lancaster!

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A face, body, motion, and speech, all cast in stone. shows no emotion what so ever. He has fooled most of the people most of the time but not all of the people all of the time.


That comes a lot closer to describing Gregory Peck or John Wayne than Burt Lancaster, though even those two had their moments.

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