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(OT Somewhat) Rich Man Poor Man


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I was reminded of my old "Memories" thread, which was bumped up recently, in the event that I seem to recall Asner having a scene where he rows off into the sunset( figuratively) instead of just limping down the staircase.


It WAS a long day yesterday, watching all this over again.


Another change from the book...Falconetti, after being beaten by Tom on the ship, is subjected to continuing humiliation by Tom that eventually drives Falconetti to suicide. Someone else winds up killing Tom.



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>My guess that MR Strauss was eating the vegetarian platter, (according to Wikipedia and a NPR interview I heard he is really into gardening.)


Nope, as I recall, ironically the "Rich Man" actor was eating a Po' Boy sandwich!


(...but this was years ago and so I could be mistaken...I'm not gettin' any younger, ya know!) ;)

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>Maybe I should have mentioned the Time I saw Lou Rawls walking through a casino


I once walked up to a hotel entrance in New York City. As I opened the door, I noticed an elderly gentleman was having trouble leaving the hotel lobby because an adjacent door was locked. I held my door open for him so that he could walk out. I immediately noticed it was comedian Henny Youngman.


I'll always regret I didn't have the presence of mind to say, "Take this door -- PLEASE!"


Edited by: jakeem on Nov 18, 2013 1:20 PM

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