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The Shootist


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Remember the commercials he did? John Wayne I bet regretted being in those cigarette ads.



Back during the plot of "The Shootist" (1890-1900) one had a better chance from dying from shootouts than hearing that famous one liner.


You got a cancer!



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I was thinking about your original post before graciously editing, you could had made it a relative movie topic about the portrayal of medicine and doctors in films.




Maybe your favorite doctor or nurse in movies. Example..


Dr Kildaire








Or this one when you have a bad dental plan.




Didn't this just happened recently FOR REAL? LOL!



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One question related to The Shootist; Why did the bartender kill Books? Books wasn't trying to kill him. I don't remember anything being said about him having a grudge against Books. Did he just want to go down in history as the man who shot a gunfigher? Well he got his wish but he paid a high price for it!


I cannot think of another actor that had a final film that was as fitting as this film was for John Wayne. While a lot of actor's final film were good (e.g. Bogie with The Harder They Fall), most don't end with the star dying in such a way that makes one feel it was more than just a movie.

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jamesjazzguitar wrote:

<< Why did the bartender kill Books? >>


According to the IMDB movie trivia page, the *original* screenplay had Gillom Rogers (Ron Howard) shooting and killing J.B. Books (John Wayne) The killing disturbed Gillom so much that he throws away the pistol and leaves the bar, repulsed by the act. Wayne had the screenplay changed so that Books is killed by the bartender, who is then killed by Rogers.

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>Why did the bartender kill Books?


For the fame and notoriety that came with killing Books. Dime novelists would write about it and change the story so that the bartender would look heroic taking down a famed gunman who had just shot up the shooter's bar.


Newspapermen would also spread a similar story.


And Gillom Rogers, who would listen to him versus a businessman just trying to protect what was his.


Never underestimate the spin and those who spin the tales. Especially back then.

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Well Books was going to die anyway from cancer and I assume the Bartender knew about that (the whole town did).


That would have put his bar on the map. It would have been a major tourist attraction (at least for a while). So this bartender wasn?t a very good businessman.


Anyhow, since that killing wasn?t part of the original plot in the book, it explains why it feels ?added on? to me. But to me it works. Seeing Obie killing Books would have been too much for me!

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