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In the credits -- not in the movie


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How about in the movie but not in the credits ?? :)


Valerie Hobson is listed in the credits as playing the grown up Estella.


There is a maid in the movie who works for Mr. Jaggers (the lawyer) whose name is Molly. She is a slow-moving sad-looking older middle-aged woman. But she is not listed in the credits or on IMDB.


But, guess what?? She is also played by Valerie Hobson. She plays Estella's ex-convict mother turned maid, but somehow got left out of the credits.

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Amanda Blake is listed fairly prominently in the credits for "A Star Is Born" yet her scenes, whatever they may have been, appear to have been cut, apparently before the initial release because they're not part of the restored print. P.S. I just consulted Ronald Haver's "making of" book and he said she was to have been part of a much longer Academy Awards sequence as a presenter, but the beginning of the ceremony was cut. Amanda survived only as she walked offstage and as she sat in the background behind Judy in one shot, so she is actually in the film. He said the fact that she had an opening credit was overlooked in the rush to prepare the film for release.


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Harry Carey, Jr. is listed in the *Rio Bravo* cast credits but because of a dispute with Howard Hawks was cut out of the movie. I nearly went nuts trying to find him in the movie.


I always though this was another Eddie Fisher, an actor, in *ABE.* as I didn't realize that other guy was already a singing star. When I first became aware of him in 1953 he was in the Army and doing Coca-Cola commericals on *Kit Carson.*

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>finance said: The most obvious example-----Alec Cathorne, or Cawthorne, in SLEUTH. No such actor. Mankiewicz wanted to hide the fact that the whole film was only Olivier and Caine.







Yeah, but that was meant to be like that as a trick pulled on the audience and not because the actor's role ended up on the cutting room floor. It was done they same way with the Playbill credits for the stage production.

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I just Googled Keenan Wynn Touch of Evil, then went to lockergnome.com. Some interesting examples are given there. (Although I disagree with the comment about Alan Ladd in CITIZEN KANE -- he's easy to spot; or at least his distinctive voice is -- his face is in the shadows, but he has a couple of lines in the last scene.)


Update on lockergnome: I went back to this site, thinking that it might be an alternative to TCM, but I saw only one post dated later than October. TCM still looks like the best for movie buffs.


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On the IMDB listing, these actors are listed as being extras in the 1925 BEN HUR:


Reginald Barker ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

John Barrymore ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Lionel Barrymore ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Clarence Brown ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Gilbert Clayton ... (uncredited)

Gary Cooper ... Roman Guard (uncredited)

Joan Crawford ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Marion Davies ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

William Donovan ... Charioteer of Corinthian Bay Team (uncredited)

Ray Erlenborn ... (uncredited)

Douglas Fairbanks ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

George Fitzmaurice ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Sidney Franklin ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Clark Gable ... Roman Guard (uncredited)

Rosita Garcia ... Slave Girl (uncredited)

Janet Gaynor ... Slave Girl (uncredited)

John Gilbert ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Dorothy Gish ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Lillian Gish ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Samuel Goldwyn ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Harry Gordon ... Centurion (uncredited)

Sid Grauman ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

William Green ... (uncredited)

Noble Johnson ... Crowd Member (uncredited)

Joyzelle Joyner ... Slave Girl (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Rupert Julian ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Henry King ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Harold Lloyd ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Carole Lombard ... Slave Girl (uncredited)

Myrna Loy ... Slave Girl (uncredited)

Cliff Lyons ... Charioteer (uncredited)

Mickey Millerick ... (uncredited)

Carlotta Monti ... Slave Girl (uncredited)

Colleen Moore ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Claude Payton ... Jesus Christ (uncredited)

Mary Pickford ... Chariot Race Spectator (uncredited)

Satini Pualoa ... Extra (uncredited)

Sally Rand ... Slave Girl (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Leonora Summers ... (uncredited)

Tom Tyler ... Charioteer (uncredited)

Fay Wray ... Slave Girl (uncredited) (unconfirmed)

Christiane Yves ... Hedonist (uncredited)

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