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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


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Kid Dabb wrote:

<< I was under the impression Chris Farley had passed away. >>


Chris Farley died from a speedball overdose at the young age of 33. What a waste! :(


Saturday Night Live certainly could use Rob Ford if he ever needs employment.




Time magazine should had waited before publishing this article, Rob is better suited. ****!




Edited by: hamradio on Nov 15, 2013 8:05 PM

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I, for one, would not judge a city by it's Mayor, good or bad, unless the Mayor was elected in a landslide. I apply all the negativity to Mr. Ford and would still look forward to spending time in your city.


This puts me in mind of Mayor Marion Barry of Washington, D.C. (my place of birth) and his drug escapades of 1990 and reelection to Mayor in 1994. The people wanted a crack smoker for Mayor - he has been named "Mayor for Life". Now that city.. well, they have more to be ashamed of than Mr. Barry.

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There is no vote of the people until the next election almost a year from now. Toronto City Council, however, is in the process of stripping away powers from him. They're even going after his personal office budget, reducing staff from something like 19 to 3 or so, I believe. Ford says he will fight this in court.


Ford is a fascinating municipal political horror show now, but an interesting case of the power of a populist politician, who campaigned three years against the city "elites," of stopping the gravy train at city council and claiming to represent the "little guy." Among those that many classify as elites are the news media, one paper in particular (The Toronto Star) breaking news of two of its reporters seeing the infamous crack video of the mayor last May.


Ford's response, of course, was to deny smoking crack then and to have a campaign ever since calling The Toronto Star liars, trying his best to discredit them. And a lot of the people who originally voted for him bought it, with as much as a third of those polled stating that they didn't believe there was a video, and that the Toronto Star was the liar.


That only started to change when the Toronto police chief announced there was a video a couple of weeks ago. Even then, Ford and, in particular, his councillor brother, Doug, always into shooting the messenger, then started to call the police chief political and wanted him to step down while a police investigation of the mayor continues.


Ford is a ruthless man and a bully without integrity, whose word has been exposed as meaning less than nothing. Still, he has the charisma and power of a true populist politician (quite remarkable, in that respect) and there are still those followers of his with a "nobody's perfect" attitude willing to give him another chance. His followers regard him as a straight shooter (or, at least, they did until all his deceptiveness and lying was exposed)


There is also another reason for Ford's political attractiveness to some Toronto voters. As a fiscal conservative, Ford has the rep of a politician saving tax payer money. And there are many who only care about that perception which he pushes (and it does have some truth to it, too) therefore they will vote for him no matter what he smokes or does.


Recent polls, however, indicate that they are becoming more of a minority. (The most recent poll said that 62% of Torontonians would never vote for him under any circumstances). Until now, politically, Ford has been a remarkable survivor. He seems to be re-writing the book on what a politician can do or say or be accused of (none proven in court). I'm hoping this crude political cat is on his ninth life but only a fool would count him entirely out.

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You made a joke about his size but when it comes to the self deception of an addict, Ford is a classic case of a person in denial that he had a real problem right now.


Not helping him in that respect is his family in whose opinion he places more stock than any political advisor around him. His mother simply says that Ford has a weight problem more than anything else, and his brother only suggests that he might take a break from the job for a week or two. (Time for a nice Florida vacation).


The Fords appear to be a classic family of enablers.

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Seems like Canadians could benefit from instituting the practice of reacalls. We underwent a similar upheaval here in San Diego recently with our mayor. Almost carbon-copy, except that the populism of our mayor was liberal. A recall petition was initiated, but what finally forced our man out of office was a settlement with the District Attorney over criminal sexual harassment charges. He displayed, however, the same total disconnect with reality Ford now shows. He may persist for a while, but his type always end up crashing and burning.


Ford reminds me not so much of Chris Farley as Benito Mussolini. A little Mussolini.

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Re: carbon copy


Mayorships are different in Canada than what is common in the U.S.


Canadian Mayors typically have much less actual power than do their American counterparts. It's because of our soft power mayorships that we've never felt the need for re-call procedures.


As a figurehead, Ford has proven to be an unprecedented disaster, but what little power he had has now been stripped away by council.


Municipal elections are notoriously under-turnouted up here, and it was quite a small contingent of voters that brought Ford into the mayorship to begin with. He'd a great ground game and got just enough of his rabid "republican tea party type" cadre to get him in.


The entire Ford family is seen as infamously low-class up here, but it has its allies, as power mongers always do. I maintain however that it's the incredibly low voter turnout that's to be chiefly credited for his being elected.


Perhaps this sordid consequence will influence a little greater concern about staying home during municipal elections in future. But, one thing's for sure - it's unlikely that we'll ever give our mayors U.S. type powers after this.

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Rob and Doug Ford had a two hour radio show in which, for months, they had blasted the media and any other perceived critics of theirs. The show was cancelled after the mayor admitted to smoking crack but they will now have another radio show starting this Monday night on Sun Media (a politically conservative outlet, Canada's equivalent to Fox News).


Rob Ford's radio blasts may only last till the beginning of 2014, however, since the mayoralty campaign is then officially on, and the CRTC, which regulates Canadian air wave activities, says that no campaigning politician can have his own show since there will be no way to give equal air time to his opponents.


My point: having radio broadcasts such as the Fords do is in the time honoured tradition of other populists politicians, speaking over the heads of the "media elite," directly to their voter base.

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Well many of the small cities of Southern California I have lived in there are non elected mayors. One that is common in the smaller cities is that the council members will elect the mayor from the council. So the mayor is really just the lead council member. In these situations the city manager has the most power in the city.


As for Ford; often it takes someone like him for voters (really non-voters) to realize that even these so called meaningless elections have consequences.

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Hi Finance,


I covered some of the Rob Ford business in a thread starting on November 3: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=171647&tstart=75


Tried to tie the Toronto stuff to movies about mayors/municipal politicians.


TomJH made some good remarks in that thread too.

Since that thread, Mayor Ford has admitted to buying illegal drugs, maybe driving drunk, and has used extremely vulgar language live on TV (the latest thing he had to apologize for). All of this covered by late night TV comedians. An example is Jon Stewart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAGRId7L3zM

(Ford's latest starts about 3 minutes into the clip)


Mayor Ford can't be removed unless he's charged of a crime, and convicted and incarcerated (apparently even one day in jail would remove him from his job, I had thought it was more than 90 days in prison) or some things in the Municipal Act (not covered in the Act are things like smoking crack, driving drunk, and buying illegal drugs).

The provincial government could do something but probably won't:



Toronto City Council has passed motions curbing some of the mayor's powers but Ford says he will be appealing to a court about that.


So, basically, there's nothing that can be done.

Mayor Ford is going to do what he wants to do...


And he appears to have a hard core support of about 30% of Toronto voters ("Ford Nation"). They don't care as long as he keeps property taxes in Toronto from increasing.


See this billboard advertisement from "Ford Nation" supporters:



It's rather bizarre. For example, at a city council meeting on Thursday, Mayor Ford was asked "Do you have zero tolerance of guns, drugs and gangs?"and he answered "Yes":


"Guns, drugs, and gangs" refers to the police efforts in Toronto to combat gun crime, drug dealing and criminal gangs.

So you have a mayor who has admitted buying and using illegal drugs, and his "friend" A. Lisi has been charged with drug dealing and extortion (for trying to get the "crack video" allegedly featuring Ford from other alleged drug dealers):



Mayor Ford and Lisi were under police surveillance too:



And it's important to be aware that Mayor Ford has only made his revelations because of the Lisi court case and other related court cases against drug dealers. Media lawyers have succeeded in getting a judge to release documents related to these criminal cases that forced Ford to make his admissions.

There are also lots of other allegations against Ford in the court documents that will probably be dealt with in court in future.

The point is that Mayor Ford would not have admitted to anything if media lawyers had not been able to get a judge to release some of the court documents to the public.


Anyway, there's still more to come, IMHO... Especially when the criminal cases go to court.


Edited by: RMeingast on Nov 16, 2013 1:48 PM

Fix addy.

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<< Ford reminds me not so much of Chris Farley as Benito Mussolini. A little Mussolini. >>


Anti-Ford protesters at city hall created a banner related to the above:




And the above image has been seen around Toronto for a long time (since Ford was elected, anyway):


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