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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

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> there appears to be not much anybody can do about Mayor Ford right now


Not true. He's been stripped by city council of most of his mayoral power. His claims that he'll take them to court over it is just bluster (his principal talent). He's mayor in name only and can remain so until the end of his present term (runs out next year), but I wouldn't say that nothing can be done about him.


What can be done has been done, and whether criminal charges come out of the testimony about his secretive drug purchasing activity and his consorting with street gangs and other underworld figures remains to be seen. The revelations are likely to continue.

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Well, there were two motions passed by city council on Friday that limited some major powers he has (appointing and firing the deputy mayor and members of the Executive Committee and also in case of an emergency the deputy-mayor will take over authority):



Another big motion comes Monday that would restrict his office budget and any other powers that council can limit:



I generally meant that city council can't force Mayor Ford to resign or force him to take a leave of absence, unfortunately... Sorry I wasn't more specific... But yes, Toronto city council is taking action as far as they can do so... People are protesting outside city hall...

The Santa Claus Parade today in Toronto sent Ford a letter telling him to stay away - as Ford had wanted to be in the parade.

The Toronto Argonauts football team expressed "disappointment" with Ford that he was wearing an Argos jersey when he made his vulgar comments on live TV last Thursday.


And in future, he could still be arrested and charged by police and/or the province could step in and take action.


But right now, Mayor Ford is still in office and will continue to be for the time being...


We'll have to wait and see.


The story is going to go on and on...


CNN's Anderson Cooper is supposed to be interviewing Mayor Ford on Monday night at 8:00 p.m. on Cooper's show.

By that time, Mayor Ford will have either succeeded in getting his court injunction against city council or city council will have passed its motion, so it could be interesting to see what he has to say.

But if city council passes its motion on Monday, Mayor Ford will probably say he doesn't care and will sue, blah, blah, blah...

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>This thread is the first time I had seen a picture of Rob Ford, thank you. His appearance illustrates that he has zero pride in himself so why would he have any pride in his city or citizens?


You misunderstood my post to Dargo2. He has since deleted the pic and post. The pic in question was not Rob Ford. It was Anthony Weiner.

He was talking about how ugly he was, in particular his nose. Do you think a nose is something that should be open to criticism? Of course we can control the nose we were given at birth. ****

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>Of course we can control the nose we were given at birth. ****


Ahem...LD my friend. Would you now care to reword this comment of yours???




(...'cause as Mr. Dukenfield here so plainly proves, THAT is NOT always the case!!!)





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>What does he got to do with classic movies? The first Prime Minister of Canada John A. MacDonald was a drunk.


OH, well, THIS question of yours is MUCH too easy! The first Prime Minister of Canada John A MacDonald's story sounds a lot like Ray Milland in 1945's "The Lost Weekend".


(...and here I'll bet you thought your question was a toughie here, didn't ya dude!!!)



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Are you talkin' about the classic retort by Churchill to the lady who was shocked about him being drunk in public: "Yes, and tomorrow I'll be sober but you'll still be ugly!" ???


(...'cause IF you ARE Mr. R, I certainly HOPE you know that what Mr. Churchill said about that lady's APPEARANCE was very "childish", as I PERSONALLY have just been reminded here in this VERY THREAD...but then AGAIN of course, I suppose in Mr. Churchill's defense, AT LEAST he didn't make any SPECIFIC reference to that lady's NOSE, huh!)



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>The first Prime Minister of Canada John A. MacDonald was a drunk.


MacDonald, whose tenacity in pursuing the construction of a railway that united Canada, was far more than just a drunk.


His chief political rival was George Brown, a Liberal.


MacDonald, in response to the drunk accusations, once declared, "Canadian voters would rather have John A. drunk than George Brown sober."


Maybe Rob Ford tells himself than Canadians feel the same way about him. After all, now Ford has declared that he wants to be Prime Minister one day.

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>MacDonald, whose tenacity in pursuing the construction of a railway that united Canada, was far more than just a drunk.


And evidently quite the inspiration for Gordon Lightfoot and a certain Trilogy of his TOO, eh Tom?! ;)

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Thanks for this, Tom. I used to listen to Lightfoot's music all the time back in the day, and especially on long road trips. And after listening to him here again after many years and thanks to you, it reminded me of how much I liked and still like his music.


(...and so, while your Rob up there might be a national embarrassment for ya, at least you guys will always have Gordon as one of your national treasures!)

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Dargo, thanks for expressing your feelings about Lightfoot. Hopefully his music will still be appreciated and celebrated, long after this Toronto mayoralty disgrace has rightfully faded from the scene.


Now the buffoon is taking his bombast to American media (Fox News and CNN), enjoying his moment in the international spotlight, acting like some kind of media rock (pardon the expression) star, while the only reason anyone outside of Canada pays attention to him is because he is a freak show.


It's no wonder late night talk show comics love him while many Torontonians have to lower their faces with the embarrassment that Ford isn't capable of feeling.

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Ford is ecstatic in pleasure over the world publicity he is receiving, thus one of the reasons he is now courting U.S. media. Today at Toronto City Council, coincidence or not, he actually wore the same tie as the comic impersonating him on Saturday Night Live last weekend.


It is only a matter of time before he agrees to appear with one of the late night comics poking fun at him.


By the way, today Toronto City Council stripped him of most of his mayoralty powers. Ford responded by saying this was a declaration of war, calling it the equivalent to when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

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The title of the biopic should be:


"The Assassination of the City of Toronto by the Coward Robert Ford"


What would Casey Affleck look like in a fat suit?


Ivan Reitman is from Toronto. He can produce. Who should direct?

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