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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

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Ford's followers regard this populist politician as a straight up guy. Yet, in his latest escapade, Ford strongly implied in an interview that a Toronto Star reporter was a pedophile who took pictures in his backyard where he has his kids. Ford refused to back down from the statement when questioned about it afterward, and even repeated it to US media. The journalist said he was receiving emails from people calling him a pervert.


It was only after the journalist threatened Ford with a libel suit that, he backed down and finally released a complete written apology (after first making a half hearted verbal one in which he blamed the media for "misinterpreting" his comments).


This "straight up" politician and bully had to be backed into a financial corner before finally admitting, without actually saying the word, that he lied to the media about the journalist. Just the latest in a series of lies to come from this man, and I'm sure they won't be the last.

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Haven't been invited to any wedding receptions lately, eh finance?!


Trust me, most of the white guys I see out there on the dance floor couldn't find their rhythm if it jumped up and bit 'em on their rear end!




(...though as you make note of here, Fred and Gene AND myself did and DO have rhythm, and thus, of course, there's ALWAYS exceptions to every rule...or "malady" I guess in THIS regard!!!)



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It's a lucky thing for Ford's rabid followers that they are putty in his hands rather than pudding. "Bite me" as an expression would take on a whole new meaning to them.


A hungry Ford must be like something out of Jaws.

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For anybody who cares, "Toronto Star" reporter Robyn Doolittle (No relation to Eliza Doolittle. Or even Doctor Dolittle. As far as I know?) has written a book about the Rob Ford saga entitled

"Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story": http://www.amazon.ca/Crazy-Town-Robyn-Doolittle/dp/067006811X?tag=8013063-20


Seven days after the book came out, Doolittle has sold the movie rights for it:



So the guessing game has begun regarding an actor to play Mr. Ford.

John Goodman, Jack Black, Kevin Smith, and Kevin James are some of those mentioned...

Also less likely candidates such as Val Kilmer and Ryan Gosling...


As for you Hamster, maybe movie title will be "Almost Sober: The Rob Ford Story"????


And maybe Leno's a candidate to play Ford?? Now that Mr. Leno has retired from "The Tonight Show."


Edited by: RMeingast on Feb 11, 2014 1:35 PM

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Well, latest in running saga in Toronto has Rob Ford daring the police chief to arrest him:



Ford had other things to say about the police chief too (Chief Bill Blair).


Two instances in films that I can think of when a gangster taunts a cop:


A scene of Kevin Costner's "Eliot Ness" dealing with Al Capone (Robert de Niro) in "The Untouchables" (1987):


"You got nothing," Capone yells at Ness... Also ironic related to Ford/Blair when Ness curses and Capone takes exception because he's with his son, and the Capone curses himself (if you know the full story in Toronto).


Other film is "Little Caesar" (1931) towards the end when Rico gets on the phone with cop Flaherty:


The line: "You're a big guy, ain't you?

Shooting your mouth off in the papers" from Rico to Flaherty fits Toronto...




Anybody think of other films where the villain taunts the detective/ cop/police chief???


Martin Balsam and Robert Mitchum in "Cape Fear" (1962)?


I'm kind of wondering if the Rob Ford movie will have him taunting the Toronto police chief in the manner of Rico or Al Capone???


Edited by: RMeingast on Feb 28, 2014 11:49 AM

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The mayoral race is already on in Toronto...

Election date is Oct. 27:



Just wondering if anybody can think of any other films where the bad guy taunts the cop investigating him, or taunts the police chief, etc.???


(I mentioned three: "Little Caesar," "The Untouchables," and possibly in "Cape Fear.")

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>hamradio wrote: I hope our guys don't think Ford is stealing the spotlight.


Actually I think Congressman Trey Radel took us to show this isn't just a Toronto fixation.. Hey, Trey wanted to share his blow with the dealer back at Trey's house in DC.. Isn't that nice for a guy who campaigned as a conservative with family values.

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I don't know, Hamster?


Think his slogan might be: "Arrest Me or Vote For Me!"


But why you would make taunting a police chief to arrest you as part of your election strategy, I don't know??


Just FYI, as this latest will be all over the late night TV American comedy shows...


And still wondering about classic film tie-ins like the few examples in another post below...

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And unfortunately, Finance, the joke is going to be on all of us - Canadians and Americans - if the guy gets reelected in October.


Think when they make the movie about Rob Ford, they should try the Robert De Niro "Al Capone" when he's taunting the cop (Ness):



Probably fits better...

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