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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

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> The people that produce that disgrace should be taken to a town square, somewhere, and lashed with a wet noodle.


Don't look at me. I had nothing to do with Ford, and since I've had little to say in this thread I'm a little perplexed that you chose my identity for someone to address, BeverlyBuzzby.


(if that is your real name)

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>The people that produce that disgrace should be taken to a town square, somewhere, and lashed with a wet noodle.


Well first BB, would we NOT have to determine if Rob's PARENTS were still alive in order for this punishment to be doled out???


(...oh...wait...maybe you were talkin' about some possible Rob Ford MOVIE here, huh..err I mean EH?!) ;)

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Robin Doolittle, the Toronto Star reporter who was one of the two reporters for that paper that first viewed the still unseen (by the public) crack video of Rob Ford and is now making the rounds with her book about Ford, Crazy Town, said that the Toronto mayor represents "the death of shame."


The death of shame - I think it's a very apt description of a man who seems to be incapable of truly being embarassed by his own now publicized outragious behaviour. He loves his celebrityhood (now he and his brothers will be at the Oscars prior to an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night - to undoubtedly skyrocketing ratings).


To a lot of Americans, I'm sure, Ford is just a head shaking buffoon and clown who is a welcome comic relief in the headlines from some of the really grim events unfolding in the world. And I understand that.


What is probably not realized so much, however, for American viewers who see the booze and the crack and the knocking down fellow city councillors antics, is the mean mindedness of Ford and his brother, Doug. They are personal friends of the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, a man known for having really studied American Republican-style politics, and whose party spends big bucks putting out character assassination advertisements about his political opponents. Politics is very much a blood sport to Harper.


Well, Ford is very much the same way. He takes politics and personal slights from his opponents very personally. As he now runs for re-election as Mayor, he has produced a Top Ten list of Toronto city councillors that he does not want re-elected. Whether he will be financially involved in supporting conservative opponents to them I'm not quite certain but that has been the implication. (Ford is a wealthy man).


And Ford is also a mean-minded hypocrite. This is a mayor who has been caught on police surveillance tapes having meetings and exchanging mysterious bags with a friend who is a known drug dealer during daytime business hours, among other occasions.


(The media for a long time was calling him a part-time mayor because of his peculiar hours at City Hall and the fact that he refused to release his agenda to the media).


Yet this same mayor often missing in action during business hours made a point of firing a city hall clerk who was caught on camera sleeping at his desk!


Ford is now, incredibly at a time when running for re-election, launching into a personal war with the Toronto police chief for all the hours undercover officers were following him around. Since no charges have been laid, Ford proclaims it to be evidence of the police chief doing it for political reasons, claiming that the chief has connections to one of Ford's oppponents for mayor, John Tory (who has only entered the race offically THIS WEEK after dithering about it for a year or so-long after any police surveillance of the mayor was initiated).


There is a very dark side to Ford with his associations with drug dealers and gangbangers, his intimidation bully boy tactics on opponents, his smear of the media for months claiming they were liars for the crack video allegations (until the police chief finally confirmed the Toronto Star report by stating that he had, indeed, seen the video).


He is no kind of mayor that parents want their kids to emulate, that can be regarded with any kind of respect. But Ford is a crafty enough populist politician with his "common man" touch and image of fiscal conservatism that it is not inconceivable that, even though the majority of Toronto voters will not cast their ballot for him, his opposition could be splintered enough for him to get re-elected.


It's a frightening thought. No, Rob Ford is far more than just a comic buffoon. He is a severely self-absorbed individual (with addiction issues, making him vulnerable to blackmail from some within the drug underground) who doesn't care that he is hurting the image of a city is claims to love so much.


How many other politicians, Canadian or American, could have had half the publicized incidents of Rob Ford and not withdraw from public scrutiny in embarassment?


Ask this man about his drug issues and how he can represent a world class city with that tarnished image of his and he will probably respond by handing you a campaign sticker. (He may even do it on Kimmel's show for a laugh).


As Robin Doolittle said, Ford represents the death of shame.

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You beat me to it, Tom...


Americans seem to be more interested in Ford than Canadians...


Rob Ford going to be at the Oscars tonight as a guest of Jimmy Kimmel:



No word on if Ford will be presenting any Oscars on stage...


And then Ford will be a guest on Kimmel's TV show Monday night...


In Kimmel's defence, I don't think Rob Ford realizes that this is all an immense joke orchestrated by Kimmel and that the joke is on him.


(In Canada, most organizations don't want to have anything to do with Ford. They deal instead with the deputy-mayor, Norm Kelly. That's probably why Ford is going to Hollywood - because they are paying some attention to him.)

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It does make one wonder at the state of life on our planet, even with all the bad things happening currently, that a character like Ford gets to attend the Oscars with all his expenses probably paid by Kimmel.

I mean, how many people on this message board would love to attend the Oscars with all expenses covered??


Oh well...


Where's that Pharrell Williams' tune when you need it...

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Americans seem to be more interested in Ford than Canadians...


Well, it's not as if Americans haven't elected their share of porno seekers / drug addicts / angry racists, but Ford wasn't elected by write-in votes from Michigan.


The American stereotype of Canadians is that they're above all calm and rational and don't elect flamers to their highest office. And about the only thing that really upsets them is when we down here use "Americans" interchangeably with "U.S. citizens".


And when the mayor of *Toronto,* of all places, performs the hat trick of being a porn lover, a drug addict, *and* a flaming racist all in one fell swoop, as well as having one of those Christielike tum-tums for comic effect, then you really can't blame us "Americans" for being attracted to the spectacle like moths to the flame. If he'd been a Frenchman or a German, we might have shrugged our shoulders and say "What do you expect?", but coming from a city we think of as an outpost of civility and sanity, he might as well be a Martian.

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No offence, Andy, I meant "Americans" meaning south of the 49th parallel (north) (and without forgetting Alaska...)...


Anyway, Mayor Ford will be walking the red carpet tonight...


And I'm sure Jimmy Kimmel means the entire thing as a joke at Ford's expense (without Ford realizing it)...

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RMeingast wrote:

<< Anyway, Mayor Ford will be walking the red carpet tonight... >>


At least he will have something soft to pass out on.






Hopefully Renee will be there to lean on.



Edited by: hamradio on Mar 2, 2014 12:46 PM

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How about Philly's Frank Rizzo? I'll match him against anyone......Remember, "I'll make Attilla the Hun look like a ****"........He used to show up at formal events with a nightstick in his cumberbund. (he was a former cop).

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How about Philly's Frank Rizzo? I'll match him against anyone......Remember, "I'll make Attilla the Hun look like a ****"........He used to show up at formal events with a nightstick in his cumberbund. (he was a former cop).


My favorite Rizzo quote was when he volunteered to take a lie detector test, and said *"The lie detector lied"* after he failed it!


But the point about Ford isn't just that he's a porno addicted, drug addicted, racist clown, it's that he's from *Toronto,* not some city like 1970's Philadelphia (PA) or 1960's Philadelphia (MS), or even some separatist stronghold in Quebec, where you might almost figure it came with the territory. And anyway, while Rizzo was certainly a racist supreme, there's no evidence that he was a connoisseur of either drugs or porn.

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Andy, Ford has his share of addiction problems, but I haven't heard that porn is one of them.


Not much of a campaign slogan, though: "Hey, at least I'm NOT addicted to porn."

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So Toronto is a cultural mecca, while Philly is a mecca for thugs and cretins? Maybe.


I'm talking about the general *perception* of the Philly of Rizzo's era, which had pretty much been shaped by Rizzo himself, both as a police commissioner and as a mayor. I wasn't talking about Ben Franklin's Philadelphia, or of the Philadelphia of today. *Those* Philadelphias are best described as Cities of Brotherly Love. (pun not intended, Mr. Hanks)

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Well, apparently, Rob Ford didn't make the red carpet at the Oscars:



So I guess the "Toronto Sun" didn't get that right... Amazing for the "Toronto Sun" to not get something right... What's the world coming to...


But Ford was at Jimmy Kimmel's after Oscar party, apparently:



Forgot to mention there was also a big Rob Ford float at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans on Friday night:



Who knows what's next?

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I think the security issues were for the people attending the Oscars *from* Rob Ford.


That Mardi Gras float has to be the most hazardous thing ever to travel the roads of New Orleans.laugh.gif


It looks more like a Jabba the Hutt float.



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Very funny, Hamster...


Yes, float called "Canadian Club" because it also featured Justin Bieber and others (Canadian Club is also the name of a Canadian brand of whisky. Also known as CC):



Here's another look at the thing:



Suppose it can be used when they make the Rob Ford movie... Or as the villain in the next "Ghostbusters" ("Ghostbusters III")...

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