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Lost & Found from the New Zealand Film Archives


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Well that was a neat little bundle of four films last night. So I thought I'd start a thread.


I can just imagine how "...Runaway Train" made audiences squirm in 1921 -- it was hard to stop squirming in my seat last night, even though I was very aware of the cuts and tricks used to create the speeding effects.


The "Happy-Go-Luckies" Terry cartoon -- the train running into and out of the water shows animators were cleverly inventive from the very beginning.


The "Strong Boy" trailer -- at least we have this if not the full film, since so many silents have been lost.


"Upstream" was fascinating because the performers were so unfamiliar. I was as interested in imagining the real-life stories of the supporting actors/vaudevillians as I was in the main love triangle story.


Looking forward to Part 2 next week.

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NewYorkGuy says: Looking forward to Part 2 next week.


In case you are listening to the sound effects, what you will get here is an attempt by the so-called accompanist for one of the silent shorts to demonstrate his piano virtuosity. While I appreciate his piano technique, I do not believe that the accompanist should be trying to steal the show by an overwhelming keyboard display. I am interested in watching the video -- without distraction. If I want to hear a piano concert, I will go elsewhere.



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Lol, "The Birth of a Hat" is a forerunner of the Science Channel series "How Its Made".


Andy Gump. ..Wait is this the great grandfather of Forest Gump?


Loved that Newreels clip - a prototype mobile phone (prototype of distracted driving..crash) and a radio-controlled automobile.


"The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies: Episode 5, "The Chinese Fan" (1914), Dolly seems to be wearing clothes that looks quite MODERN.


She could fit in today.



"Won In A Cupboard" is when one scrapes the bottom of the barrel when finding love. (lady could had done better)




Speaking of the old New Zealand films, here are something recent. Like to see these.


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Agree with how Dolly's clothes wouldn't look out of place today.


They actually found an actor who looked like the Gump cartoon character -- completely chinless. It was kind of astonishing.


"The Birth of a Hat" was the stand-out film to me. Just looking at how much repetitive physical labor went into each step of the process -- and how many people were employed at each step -- compared with how much today is automated... Can't imagine what some of these employees did to occupy their minds while going through the same motions for hours every day 100 years ago.


Thoroughly enjoyed these two nights of silents.

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