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OT Last Starfighter Game


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Back in 1984 when the "Last Starfighter" movie was released, only the Atari platform was mentioned in the end titles. I assume it would had been a little crude far as video games go and never expect nothing more after the past few years went.


Just tonight I came across the Rogue Synapse website where some have a fancy for video games portrayed in films that really don't exist but decide to make them real.


One from the "Last Starfighter" is really neat, a carbon copy the one Lance Guest played in the film. I downloaded it and requires 2 joysticks or combination mouse/keyboard to operate.


Little tough, so far the Kodan has made mincemeat out of me.

I'm certainly not going to hire a cabinet maker to build me the arcade cabinet. The game does not have instructions incorporated into the game itself but will have to read the *Read Me Starfight.txt* in the starfighter subfolder. Last revision was in 2007


Nice of the programmers to take the time to write a game based on a 20 year old movie and give it away as Freeware with only the Lorimar copyright notification.


Don't know if it works on platforms above Windows XP


So for you video gamers who are interested...enjoy



Actual screen snapshot


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