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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon Nov 18-Sun, Nov 24!!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Nov 18-Sun, Nov 24!!


Well, I have the month right this time anyway!!! I hope folks here have been grooving hard to some awesome coolio flix that TCM provides for us to chill and groove to!! My friend, Sans Fin, said she's gonna be looking forward to this week, which makes it even better knowing this!!! Hope ya groove hard, SansFin!!


Let the grooves begin, and hard, right off the bat on Monday morning, with a 6am screening of the silent SHOW PEOPLE (1928) with Marion Davies and William Haines!!! Awesome flick!!! And it's followed by the hard-hitting pre-code stunner, BABy FACE (1933), the restored version with a different ending and some scenes added back in, starring, of course, Babs Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Cook, and even The Duke in a small early role!! Not to be outdone, Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, along with Wally Ford, join in the pre-code act, with POSSESSED (1931)!!! Don't miss the short which follows, LEO BEERS: WORLD RENOWNED WHISTLING SONGSTER from 1928!!! Up at 12:30pm is WHAT PRICE HOLLyWOOD (1932) with the stunningly beautiful Constance Bennett, my main man Lowell Sherman, and Neil (Commissioner Gordon) Hamilton!!! Then it's the lovely Kay Francis, Ian Hunter and John Litel in COMET OVER BROADWAy (1938)!!! Awesome day of flix from the golden age of hollywood!!!


Wednesday at 11:15am I'll be grooving hard to Walter Pidgeon, John Hodia, and Audrey Totter in the noir/crime flick, THE SELLOUT (1951)!! Later in the day, 4:30pm, will be a flick I've not seen before, MONKEy ON My BACK from 1957, looks cool, directed by Andre DeToth, and starring Cameron Mitchell!!


Wednesdays belong to Burt Lancaster throughout the month of November, and there will be heavy hitters all night long, including JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961), BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ (1962), and THE TRAIN (1965), but the flick I'm looking forward to the most is a very rare one, MISTER 880 from 1950, and starring, along with Burt, Dorothy McGuire and Edmund (Santa himself!!) Gwenn!!! Looks like an awesome flick, I've never seen it before, but totally can't wait to check it out!!


Thursday will be featuring Ralph Meeker flix during the day, and a block that starts at 1pm gets my grooves going! Raoul Walsh directed Ralph in GLORy ALLEy (1952), a drama about a boxer in the New Orleans music miliue, also stars Leslie Caron and Louis Satchmo Armstrong!!! Then it's a low-budget B crime flick that rocks, CODE TWO (1953), with Sally Forrest and Keenan Wynn!!! Then it's Babs Stanwyck with Barry Sullivan and Ralph in JEOPARDy (1953)!! Triple play!!


Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of US President John F Kennedy and TCM will be honoring the memory of the slain president with an overnight of documentaries and flix about JFK!


Friday day time is all about the 1930s, daddio!!! Kicks off at 6am with a spicy pre-code, AGGIE APPLEBy, MAKER OF MEN (1933), with Wynne Gibson, William Gargan and Charles Farrell!!! It's rarely screened, and worth a watch, check it out!!! Then it's Lionel Barrymore and May Robson in ONE MAN'S JOURNEy (1933)!! Up at 11:45am is Frank Morgan, Genevieve Tobin (yowza!!), and Neil Hamilton in By yOUR LEAVE (1935)!! Betty Furness turns up next along with Grant Mitchell and Eddie Quillan in GRIDIRON FLASH (1935), followed by William Powell, Ginger Rogers, Ralph Morgan, Paul Kelly, and J Farrell MacDonald in the mystery/comedy, STAR OF MIDNIGHT (1935)!!! It rocks!!!


Matthew Broderick has been introducing the cream of the screwball comedy crop for us every Friday night in November and this week will be no exception, with another awesome lineup: My MAN GODFREy (1935), BRINGING UP BABy (1938), BALL OF FIRE (1942), VOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH yOU (1938), AND JOy OF LIVING (1938)!!! yoik it up!!


And...finally don't miss the 1944 detective noir MURDER My SWEET with a reformed Dick Powell (reformed from crooning!), Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley, Otto Kruger, and Mike Mazurki!! Saturday at 6pm, not to be missed and one that I can watch over and over again and dig on it each time!!!


Feel free to add the flix you'll be grooving hard to in this thread if you'd like to! And many thanks to the classic flick heads at TCM for providing us with grooves a-plenty!!!

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Well, don't forget that you can see John Ford's long lost UPSTREAM


(1927) Tonight on TCM. The American Television premiere. It's a delightful movie. Part of the Treasures From The New Zealand Archive debuts the this week and next. Probably the most recognizable face in UPSTREAM is Jane Winton who was Marion Davis foil in both THE FAIR CO-ED (1927) and THE PATSY (1926). As well as the Donna Isobel in John Barrymore's DON JUAN (1926)










*Jane Winton - "Parisian Fashion Doll"*





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I thank you for highlighting so many wonderful movies.


The absolute high point of the month for me is tonight's airing of: *Repentance* (1984). I do not know how it came to be listed as a comedy. It is a very touching movie showing how lives are destroyed when politicians act for the public good only.


*Mister 880* (1950) is a very nice movie. I believe you will enjoy it greatly.


*The Collector* (1985) on Saturday evening is at all times worthy of watching.

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