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Worn in a 1950's movie they became popular with teens. There was even a song that named the article of clothing (song not used in the film). Song has nothing to do with film other than naming the article of clothing Name the article of clothing, the actor and the film, the song and the singer who sang the song ?????

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Is it blue jeans worn by James Dean in Rebel without A Cause? The lyrics might be from Be Bop Baby by Ricky Nelson? Just read what you said..dungarees Dungaree Doll by Eddie Fisher?


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I think I can name 2 without research. I'll try to come up with the 3rd one


John Daly- What's My Line ??

Hugh Downs - Concentration ?


I guess FAMOUS was the key word- computer very, very slow but thought of Cronkite, so I looked him up and found a 1954 game show


Walter Cronkite- It's News To Me ?


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Thanks, mr6 and Miles. That was an interesting and excellent Retro question. 6. I remember watching Concentration What's My Line of course was standard fare every Sunday night. Cronkite's game show was a little tricker.




The lyrics to a very popular 50's-60's commercal jingle had to be changed because of a threatened lawsuit. The last name of a well known family was used in the original commercial. What was the product, what name had to be removed and what word was substituted for the name ???

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I just happen to know this one. It's Chock Full O'Nuts coffee. The original jingle had to be changed because it used the family name of Rockefeller in the jingle. Here is what Wikipedia says.


The Chock full o? Nuts advertising jingle was based on the song, "That Heavenly Feeling", written by Wayne and Bruce Silbert. Sung by company founder William Black?s wife, cabaret singer Page Morton Black, it received extensive airplay on both radio and television in the 1950s and 1960s.[1] The original lyrics went:


Chock full o?Nuts is that heavenly coffee,

Heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee.

Chock full o?Nuts is that heavenly coffee,

Better coffee Rockefeller?s money can?t buy.[8]


However, the company had to alter the lyrics from ?Rockefeller?s money? to ?a millionaire?s money? after being sued by New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, who owned coffee interests in Latin America[citation needed]. Mid-2000s versions of the jingle replace ?millionaire? with ?billionaire.?


I wasn't aware of that "billionaire" change in recent years.

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