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Retro Trivia


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Thanks. Watched a couple of episodes a couple of months ago, but the prints were awful.




A spin off of a very popular 1950's tv show was planned but because one of the cast members refused to work with another cast member plans were ditched.

Original show and the 2 cast members??

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I think it's a well-know fact that the two of them didn't get along. In fact, when she would receive a new script, Vivian would go through the dialog, hoping that there would be no scenes where she'd have to kiss Frawley. OK. Let's try this one:


This actor originated the part of a hero on a radio program. When it came time to consider a TV series, the actor was not ever considered for the role, because his physical appearance did not fit the character. Name the radio actor and the TV actor who got the part.

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This should be pretty easy. William Conrad played Matt Dillon on the radio version of "Gunsmoke", and, of course, James Arness played the role on TV. Also, Bud Collyer, known to most of us as a game show host, played Superman on the radio, with George Reeves playing the part on TV.

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Waylon Jennings (don't remember the name of his group) was set to go on the flight; gave his seat up to some one else. The plane crashed and, among the fatalities were Buddy Holly, Richie Vallens and J.P. Richardson (AKA 'The Big Bopper'). Jennings had a number of big albums and singles. What immediately comes to mind is the Dukes of Hazzard theme. ??

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This is still a major controversy...


Tpmmy Allsup and DION (Dion and The Belmonts) both claim they flipped the coin with Richie Valens.


But, if your looking for a band associated with "Doo-****", , I would say Dion and the Belmonts who had hits such as


Runaround Sue

The Wanderer





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Correct, although the two hits you mentioned were by Dion alone. Dion and the Belmonts had hits with "I Wonder Why", A Teenager in Love", etc. Your turn.

Until Dave Z gets back on, here's another----------Name at least 4 late '50s or early '60s rock & roll hits that dealt with articles of clothing.

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It took me 10 minutes to get to this question. Either it's my computer or the site but so frustrating



Short Shorts

Itsy Bitsey Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Dungaree Doll

Venus In Blue Jeans

Blue Suede Shoes

Pink Shoe Laces

It's "Tan Shoes, Pink Shoelaces". Also, "Bobby Sox to Stockings". Your turn.

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