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On 4/10/2020 at 11:07 PM, Princess of Tap said:

Years ago when I saw this actress in dinner theater oh, it brought me back to the role she played in classic TV.

She was a teenager in one of the most popular TV sitcoms in the classic black and white era.

She was very fortunate to maintain her career as an adult and continued to be featured in several classic sitcoms in the sixties and seventies.

Prior to that she had been in the Hollywood movies and she continued to work in television and movies on up to and through the millennium, including being featured in several soaps.

When you identify this actress, please name at least two of her TV series, and also mention one of her big screen movies.

Einor Donohue? Jack was married so many times and had so many relationships but I remember reading he had a relationship with Elinor. Father Knows Best and The Andy Griffith Show. She was in Tea For Two, she played Doris daughter,  she was in Three Daring Daughters, playing one of Jeannette MacDonald daughters and I think Pretty Woman ???????????

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7 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

Einor Donohue? Jack was married so many times and had so many relationships but I remember reading he had a relationship with Elinor. Father Knows Best and The Andy Griffith Show. She was in Tea For Two, she played Doris daughter,  she was in Three Daring Daughters, playing one of Jeannette MacDonald daughters and I think Pretty Woman ???????????

Lav, I can always count on you.

That trivia about Jack Jones is something I read in a movie mag when I was in grade school.... so long ago. LOL

Well done.

Elinor was also in one of my favorite sitcoms, "The Odd Couple", where she played Felix's girlfriend.

I've just spent the morning  ordering groceries from that Instacart.

I hope you got yours.

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Thanks. Yes, I've ordered twice, Instacart delivered, it's worked so far. I ordered groceries on Sunday ( 2nd time) and they were delivered at 6pm last night ( Monday) !  A few items were  the generic store brand instead of the name brand I ordered because they were out of those items. wasn't thrilled when I saw that, but 98% of the order was just as I placed it.


He was on the radio, graduated to classic tv shows and  some  small supporting roles  in films. Some of the actors he appeared with in the films were  Rudy Vallee, Jack Lemmon, Cary Grant, Michael Rennie. Baby Boomers would definitely recognize him from his tv appearances. He had a very familiar face especially with something he wore on his face. Who was this guy, some of his films and some tv shows ???????

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5 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

Could it be Robert Q. Lewis?  

it is Robert Q. Lewis. game show host, actor. In  An Affair to Remember, he interviewed Cary for a tv show in the film, he was in Good Neighbor Sam, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.  Frequently he was a guest panelist on What's My Line and when he had to wear the mask when they had to guess the guest celebrity, his signature horn rimmed glasses were drawn on the mask. He added the Q. as his middle name just to be unique and noticed. Good work, you're up Miles :)


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Thanks Lav.  That was a tough one.  The clue about putting something on his face confused me.  I kept thinking of a mask like the Lone Ranger or Zorro, but they didn't fit the rest of the question.  I thought of Robert Q. Lewis because I knew he had been in "How To Succeed" with Rudy Vallee, but that was the only time that I remembered seeing him acting.  I looked up his filmography as an actor and the Cary Grant movie was not there.  Then I remembered that I only remembered him as a TV game show host or panelist and it dawned on me that he may have played himself in a movie.  I checked his IMDB listing under "Self" and there it was, "An Affair To Remember".

Now, this next one shouldn't be too difficult for those of you of a certain age.  Here is a list of characters from vintage TV shows.  Each one was a friend, associate, or sidekick of the show's main character.  For each name listed, can you identify the series where the character appeared, as well as the actor or actress who played that character?

1.   Bernardo

2.   Red Connors

3.   Jimmy Olsen

4.   Pat Brady

5.  Jim Gillis

6.   Vi Praskins

7.   Elvira Nugent

8.   Ichabod Mudd

9.   Larue

10.  Peggy Fair

11.  El Toro

12.  Gilbert Bates

13.  Richard Harrison

14.  George MacMichael

15.  Maynard G. Krebs 

16.  Porky Brockway

17.  Thorny Thornberry 

18.  Frank Smith

19.  Charlie Halper

20.  Olive Smith 




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1. Bernardo-  Zorro - Gene Sheldon

3. Jimmy Olson- Adventures of Superman - Jack Larson

4. Pat Brady -  The Roy Rogers Show - didn't he use his real name for the character ?

12. Gilbert Bates - Leave It To Beaver- Stephen Talbot

15. Maynard G. Krebs -  Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis - Bob Denver

16. Porky - Lassie - Joey Viera

17. Thorny- The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet-  Don DeFore ( wish I was watching that show right now)

19. Charlie Halper- Make Room For Daddy - Sid Melton

20. Olive Smith- The Ann Sothern Show - Ann Tyrell


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Very good so far, Lav.  Yes, Pat Brady used his real name on Roy's show.  If anyone gets The Cowboy Channel, it's on weekday mornings at 10 AM. 

 There must be other folks out there that remember these other characters.  It would be nice if they would chime in.  Doesn't anyone remember #8  Ichabod "Icky" Mudd?

Richard Harrison isn't just the name of the guy from "Pawn Stars".  Back in the sixties, that was the name of a teenage character on a popular sitcom.



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I couldn't have put it better myself, Lavender.   What has happened to our group here?  Hey, Lavender, do you think that you and Princess and I could be the oldest members of these boards and everyone else is a generation or two behind?  I certainly hope not.

Now, getting back to the subject matter- I had forgotten that there were two "Life Of Riley" series.  The first one starred Jackie Gleason and ran less than a full season from 1949 to early 1950.  It was cancelled because the sponsor pulled out.  In that series, Sid Tomack played friend and neighbor Gillis.  That was a bit too early for me.  In the mid-fifties version, William Bendix was the star and Jim Gillis was played by Tom D'Andrea .   All the others are correct.  I'm sure that you noticed that Sid Melton and Ann Tyrrell were listed twice.

Now, maybe some clues will spark some responses.

2. Red Connors was a sidekick to a western hero.  He was played by an actor who later played Uncle Joe Carson on a sixties sitcom with a rural theme.

7. Elvira Nugent was known as "Noogie" and she was the friend of the female star.  Noogie was played by a former silent screen actress.

9. Larue was the teenage best friend of the female star of a sixties sitcom.  The teen star of the show would later become an Oscar winner.

10. Peggy Fair was an African-American woman who was the secretary for a sixties detective.

11.  El Toro was the Mexican sidekick to a western star in the early to mid fifties.  The star was married to Barbara Hale.

14. George MacMichael was a friend and neighbor of a rural family that had moved from the east to California and had started a farm.  George was played by a veteran comic actor who went back to the silent days,  He was also a one time companion of Hopalong Cassidy.

18. Frank Smith was actually known as Officer Frank Smith.  He was played by an actor who actually started out as a child actor in the silent screen days.  This was a long running fifties crime show that had started as a radio show.  It was revived in the sixties, but Frank Smith's character was replaced by another officer.



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Shutoo, you're correct with Larue.  I didn't remember the character's last name.  She was played by Lynette Winter.

Friday's partner on "Dragnet", Officer Frank Smith, was played by Ben Alexander.


Shutoo, I didn't make guesses on the "funny clip quiz" because by the time I saw it, I thought all of the clips that I recognized had already been identified by others, but I did just get one and posted it. 


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It's been a while now, so we'll wrap up this question.

  #2. Red Connors was Hopalong Cassidy's sidekick on "The Hopalong Cassidy Show"  Red was played by veteran actor Edgar Buchanan.  The show can be seen on Saturday mornings on the Starz Western Channel.

#11.  El Toro was Kit Carson's sidekick on "The Adventures Of Kit Carson".  Kit Carson was played by Bill Williams and El Toro was played by Don Diamond with a Mexican accent.  Don Diamond was not Mexican or even Hispanic.  He was a Jewish man from New York who had worked as a radio actor and he developed a talent for dialects.  He later played a Spanish soldier on the "Zorro" series. 


Lavenderblue got most of them so she gets the thread.



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Thanks Miles.

Please match the Star to the Product they advertised on TV. 

1. . Dick Van Dyke

2 . Ozzie, Harriet, Ricky and Dave Nelson

3. Barbara Stanwyck

4. Yconne Craig

5. Barbara Felton

6. George Reeves - Frosted Flakes

7. June Lockhart

8. Maureen McCormick

9. Jaclyn Smith

10. Richard Basehart

11. Bob Hope

12. Gale Storm

13. Rhonda Fleming

14. Gene Barry - Sealtest

15. Andy Devine - Sugar Pops

16. Robert Cummings and Garry Moore together - Winston Cigs


1. Frosted Flakes - George Reeves

2. Camay Soap

3. Sealtest Chocolate Drink - Gene Barry

4. Top Brass

5. Campbell Soup

6. Texaco

7. Viceroy Cigarettes

8. Maxwell Coffee

9. Kodak

10. Sugar Pops - Andy Devine

11. Listerine

'12. Lustre Cream Shampoo

13. Winston Cigarettes'- Bob Cummings and Garry Moore

14. Shell

15. Coke

16. Barbie Doll



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The only thing I'm sure of is Winston Cigarettes for Bob Cummings and Gary Moore,16/13 because they always had the back page of "TV Guide". LOL

I'll have to think about the rest.

And I can remember another "TV Guide" ad with Bat Masterson/ Gene Barry for Sealtest ice cream-- it was very good, 14/3.

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Yes, while the Nelson's did  tv commercials for Kodak,( Brownie , the Kodak camera was plugged on their show) for this game, someone else  also did Kodak commercials and the Nelson's did a commercial for another product. George Reeves and Andy Devine are correct :)


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 1-9  I remember Dick van Dyke doing a Kodak commercial, after his show had ended (I think he did cigarette ads earlier)

8-16  just a guess..makes sense that she would appeal to Barbie target buyers

11-6  Bob Hope and Texaco  ?

(When I think of June Lockhart, I'm reminded of those Shake n' Bake ads 😄)

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38 minutes ago, shutoo said:


(When I think of June Lockhart, I'm reminded of those Shake n' Bake ads 😄)

Very good shutoo, Dick, Bob  and Maureen are correct.  June did do Shake n Bake and a few other commercials for products, but for this game there's another product she plugged. Here's a clue - June and some of the others were doing commercials for the sponsors of their tv shows. 

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