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Very good so far.  We still need #5, 9, and 10.

Here are some hints:

#5  1965 PRESS PHOTO Burl Ives in "O.K. Crackerby!" "O.K. Crackerby ...

The man in the center was also a singer.


#9  For the People (1965) 

The show lasted less than a full season.  The star then worked in a sci-fi series.


#10  Lock-up (Seasons 1-2) - Film | Park Circus 

The man with the tie played a lawyer in this series.  He played a doctor in another series, as well as a doctor in a long running soap opera that featured an hour glass in it's opening.


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Thanks, Lavender and Princess.  Just to recap, here are the details.

1.  Perry Mason -  Ray Collins, William Talman, Barbara Hale, Raymond Burr, William Hopper

2.  The Defenders - Robert Reed, E.G. Marshall

3.  Owen Marshall. Counselor At Large - Lee Majors, Arthur Hill, Joan Darling

4.  Judd For The Defense - Stephen Young, Carl Betz

5.  The Bold Ones - Joseph Campanella, Burl Ives, James Farentino

6.  The Law And Mr. Jones - Conlan Carter, Janet DeGore, James Whitmore

7.  Temple Houston - Jack Elam, Jeffrey Hunter

8.  Harrigan And Son - Roger Perry, Georgine Darcy, Pat O'Brien

9.  For The People - William Shatner, Howard DaSilva

10. Lock Up - John Doucette, MacDonald Carey

11. The Jean Arthur Show - Ron Harper, Jean Arthur, Leonard Stone

12. Arrest And Trial - Ben Gazzara, Chuck Connors

13. Dundee And The Culhane - Sean Garrison, John Mills


Joan Darling of "Owen Marshall" became a very successful director of TV shows. 

You may not know the name Georgine Darcy of "Harrigan And Son", but you've definitely seen her before.  In Hitchcock's "Rear Window" she played one of James Stewart's neighbors.  She was known as "Miss Torso". 

By my count, Lavender got seven and Princess got six, so Lavender gets to post the next question.

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Thanks Miles :)

The theme song for this long running 1960's  comedy tv show changed over the years. 2 famous men wrote the music and lyrics for the show used in the first season. The music was used without the lyrics at the beginning of the show, at the end the lyrics were sung. The song was sung by a swing group. What was the tv show, who was the composer of the music and the lyricist for the song and who was the swing group who sang the song at the end of the show ????

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32 minutes ago, shutoo said:

Sounds like Hazel...theme written by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen;  but the 'giveaway' for me was Whitney Blake, mother of Meredith Baxter

That's why I included it LOL. Yes, Hazel, Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen but you forgot to include the swing group that sang the theme song at the end. That was The Moderaires. Very, very popular group. Great work Shutoo, your thread

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thanks lavenderblue...

I've got a lot of these, so I'll call this 'Intro's, part 1'...below are a dozen snips of intros to tv shows of the 50s and 60s.  I'll post the others when you've guessed  these tv programs.  Some easy, some tough...in all cases, these were network  prime time shows, and tried to use the first intro used (n some cases, they changed over the years)

1.  Animated GIF 

2. Animated GIF

3. Animated GIF

4. Animated GIF

5. Animated GIF

6. giphy.gif

7. Animated GIF

8. Animated GIF

9. Animated GIF

10. Animated GIF

11. Animated GIF

12. Animated GIF

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59 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

4) The Defenders ?

11) You Bet Your Life

4. No, but close (it's a little later, and not as well known)

11.  yes...all those pieces become..Groucho   Animated GIF

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Well, it's a tie! lavenderblue and princess of tap with 6 each...so....here are 14 more to mull over...(and 2 are really tough...)

13.  Animated GIF

14. Animated GIF

15. Animated GIF

16. Animated GIF

17. Animated GIF

18. Animated GIF

19. Animated GIF

20. Animated GIF

21. Animated GIF

22. Animated GIF

23. Animated GIF

24. Animated GIF

25. Animated GIF

26. Animated GIF

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39 minutes ago, chaya bat woof woof said:

Is one My Favorite Robot?  One kind of looks like a Lucille Ball show.  Now I see Ironside.

Recognized Room 222, and The Avengers and Lost in Space

chaya...have to give me number of picture and guess, otherwise, I'm not sure which you're looking at

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