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The early years of "Happy Days" used "Rock Around The Clock" from the movie of the same name.    Two series that started in the seventies, "M*A*S*H" and "The Odd Couple" used the same theme songs as the movies they were adapted from.

In a switch, a TV theme was adapted for a movie.  The theme music for "The Cisco Kid" was composed by Albert Glasser for the show in 1950.



Yes, the show was filmed in color.

Glasser did several movie themes for producer Bert I. Gordon and he adapted Cisco's theme for "The Boy And The Pirates" in 1960.




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15 hours ago, Peebs said:

Cybill (1995-98) used Gershwin's " Nice Work if You Can Get It" sung by Cybill Shepherd.  The song was featured in " An American in Paris"

That's a great answer Peebs, however in this RETRO thread the OP specifically wanted questions and answers  to be pre-1980. If you go to the first page of the thread or any thread, you'll see the initial post by the OP giving the "rules" to their question.   Clues can mention facts after 1980 but the question and answer must be pre 1980 . At any rate, love the show Cybil and I think she does a great job with the song and thanks for thinking of  the song.:)


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Lafitte, if you want to post an easy one, I suggest you use the "Trivia for The Other 98% Of Us" forum, or just answer these questions and then you can post it here.

See if you can answer these questions from the golden age of TV.

1.  A TV commercial adapted the theme music from "The Magnificent Seven".  What was the product?

2.  A commercial for a cigarette used the William Tell Overture much like "The Lone Ranger".  What was the cigarette?

3.  A radio show which later became a TV series used familiar music from Rimsky-Korsakov as it's theme.  What was the show and the musical piece?

4.  A hit tune by The T-Bones became theme music for a commercial for an antacid.  What was the product and the tune?

5.  A cereal company used part of The 1812 Overture in some commercials in the 1950's because it's cereal was "shot from guns".  What was the cereal company?

6.  A 1960's commercial used a song from "Fiddler On The Roof" for it's theme music.  Can you name the product and the song?

7.  In a switch, a commercial theme for a soft drink became a hit song.  What was the product and the song?


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15 minutes ago, MilesArcher said:

afitte, if you want to post an easy one, I suggest you use the "Trivia for The Other 98% Of Us" forum,

I'm quite aware of that. I have a bunch of easy and I hope amusing questions that would be fun, I thought to plea on this thread because I thought there some confusion on who was next, just as a lark, half-serious and upon the gad. Princess shot me down :lol:. Good for you, Princess of Tap.

I don't remember any of those questions. None. This is no excuse but I find that the more I might like a commercial, the less chance I'll remember the product. This is probably true more nowadays. Back then, they made it obvious, especially the cigarette ones.

The only question that I would care to know is no. 3. You're not thinking of Sargeant Preston of the Yukon, I hope ; the music there was Liszt, not RK. If you let me know that one, I would appreciate. But no others please, I feel too bad about not getting them :lol: . Seriously, only the one, if you please. Thanks.

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Big hits don't work on dummies. I looked up their names and I would never have watched a show like that. Marital arts? I can't stand that. The late 60s was a barren era for me, I was in the military and spend a lot of time overseas. I have never been a regular TV watcher, i.e., watching what everyone else seems to be watching. I remember the comedies, Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant, and a bit earlier Danny Thomas, Joey Bishop, Dick Van Dyke, all of those. I wonder if there are any commercials I can come up with. How about "I ate the whole thing. Thought I was gonna die," AlkaS. I didn't even like All in The Family that much. Nor Golden Girls. Nor Fraiser (he was so excellent on Cheers, his own show he was completely different. He was not Fraiser. The last show I watched with any regularity is "Cheers" and "Curb your Enthusiasm." Anyway, enough. Well, if I ever answer a question on 98% I can throw some of my amusing questions that way. Thanks for trying, MilesArcher. My performance was lousy but I think you meant well, I hope.


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Well, we're doing pretty well so far.  Of course, the theme music for "The Green Hornet" was "The Flight Of The Bumblebee".

Here is one of those Marlboro commercials.



And, of course, the classic Coke commercial:



It's the real thing.  Of course, we can't forget the Lark ads.



We also can't forget Alka-Seltzer.



Now, #5 sponsored "The Gabby Hayes Show" in the 50's.  I, of course, got that information from an old person that I know.

#6 was at one time a sponsor of "The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet".

Any more guesses?


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You are correct, Peebs.   Here is one of the Quaker Oats commercials:



And here is a clip of "The Gabby Hayes Show".



I hope you all enjoyed looking at these old clips. 

Peebs got four and Shutoo got three, so Peebs gets to post the next question.  

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Thanks, Miles.  We'll give this one a try. 


Name the TV show by the title of their theme song:

1.   Funeral March of the Marionette

2. There's a New Girl in Town

3.  Come On Get Happy

4.  The Ballad of Paladin

5.  Come and Knock on Our Door

6.  The Fishing Hole

7. I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

8.  Liberty Bell March

9.  Love is All Around

10.  Melancholy Serenade


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