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Retro Trivia


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I  can  now  project  Peebs  the  winner  of  this  contest.  Peebs  has  named  nine  answers  correctly  and  with  six  to go.  Here are  the rest  of  the  answers  10.  Miklos  Rozsa  11. Elmer  Bernstein  12.  Jerry  Goldsmith  13.  Ennio  Morricone  14.  Michel  Legrand  15.  Henry  Mancini   Great  job  Peebs ,  the  thread  is  yours.  Thanks

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Thanks Peebs.  I love Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis . I thought Shari was a genuis.


This supporting actress reportedy had an abusive husband who was also a supporting actor., She was more famous because of the hit tv series she was in. It was reported that sometimes she appeared on the set with bruises. 
Actress and the actor she was married to and name at least one ( there was more than 1) of the hit series she was in ????????

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4 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

Never heard anything good about Philip Ober.

He er. Vivian showed was married to Vivian Vance when she was on "I Love Lucy".

After that Vivian co-starred on "The Lucy- Desi Comedy Hour".

Then she co-starred and guest- starred on "The Lucy Show".

Yes, Vivian Vance and Philip Ober is correct.

"  According to a quote from Lucille Ball in Boze Hadleigh's "Hollywood Babble-On", Ober physically abused Vivian Vance, and one time when Vance came to the set with a "shiner", Ball told her that if she [Vance] wouldn't divorce [Ober], then she [Ball] would."

Vivian divorced Ober on the grounds of spousal abuse. They were married for 18 years. Philip Ober appeared on I Love Lucy a couple of times, most remembered would be when he played the role of Dore Schary.

Your thread Princess

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Let's stick with "I Love Lucy".

Do you know the names of the performers who inhabited

"I Love Lucy" Land?

Match the performer's name with the description.

1) Appeared as the elderly female neighbor who babysat Little Ricky

2) Appeared as Ricky's agent 

3) Appeared as Lucy's mom 

4) Appeared as a member of Lucy's women's club(any one will do)

5) Appeared as the owner of the Tropicana nightclub, Ricky's boss 

6) Appeared as Lucy's supervisor at the chocolate candy factory

7) Appeared as the pizza tossing man that Lucy substituted for 

😎 Eight) Appeared as Lucy's ballet instructor 

9) Appeared as Lucy's director on the Vitameatavegamin live TV commercial 

10) Appeared as a high school student with a crush on Lucy when she taught him to dance

11) Appeared as a grocery store delivery man, who thought Lucy had a crush on him 

12) Appeared as a psychiatrist called in by Ricky to cure Lucy's "kleptomania"


Hint:  These performers are also known to classic TV audiences from classic movies and other classic TV shows.

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Thanks  Princess  Of  Tap  next:  Sixties  Sit-Com  Test.    Please  name  the star  by their  character  name.  Thanks   1. Hazel  Burke  2. Barney  Fife  3.  Sally  Rogers  4.  Corporal  Peter  Newkirk  5.  Endora   6.    Joe  Carson  7.    Sister  Bertrille     8.  Thurston  Howell III     9.  Sandy  Kramer  10.  Major  Roger  Healey     11.  Helen  Marie    12.  Pete  Dixon   13.  Jane  Hathaway   14.  Alex  Stone    15.  Agent  99   16.  Steven  Douglas     17.  Lisa  Douglas   18.  Tim  O'Hara    19.  Carolyn  Muir     20.  Julia  Baker     21.  Jim  Nash  22.  Lucille  Carmichael  

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This thread has been neglected for a long time.  Let's wrap it up so we can move on.

9.  Goldie Hawn

12.  Lloyd Haynes

13.  Nancy Kulp

14.  Carl Betz

16.  Fred MacMurray

17.  Eva Gabor

18.  Bill Bixby

19.  Hope Lange

20.  Diahann Carroll

21.  Mark Miller 


Cinemaman, I think that some people may have looked at the question and thought it was either too easy or too long and they lost interest.  I have been guilty of posting overly long questions myself.  Perhaps if we made them a bit shorter, we might get more of a response.

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